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Send a Gift and Make a Call – For Free!

The holiday season is upon us, let her know that you are thinking of her during this very special time of year. Now when you send her that beautiful bouquet of roses, you can call her to see how she liked them on us! We deliver a gift to your lady, take a picture at the moment of delivery and send it to you for FREE.

You can also order the following things:
Flowers; Perfume; Visit to SPA center – contact us for details. We are open for your ideas concerning gifts and presents and will be glad to assist in offering the best gift you choose for your ladyAny present you order for your sweetheart will make her pleased for sure, but the best gift for Ukrainian lady from our agency is your personal meeting with her in Kharkov. You may offer your lady a gift from our list, if you have your own idea of gift type, please contact us and we discuss all the details.

Please, note that delivery price (Euro 15) is already included in the gift price.

Cosmetic set
The modern combination of decorative cosmetics will force your lady to feel perfect! Cosmetic set may include a combo of eyeshadows,
a blusher, a mascara, a lipstick, a nail polish, a small bottle of perfume, etc.
Price: Euro 50 – 150 (depends on diversity of cosmetic set)

Sweet Teddy Bear and tasty chocolates is one of the most traditional and popular gifts to show your attention and care…
You can also add several flowers to the mix of Teddy Bear and chocolates.
Price: Euro 50 (Teddy Bear + chocolates)

A Dream in the Bottle… Cherished dream of many women – especially good perfumes.
Price: Euro 60 – 150 (depends on perfume)

Fruit Basket
A pineapple, some apples, a big bunch of grapes, a couple of oranges, 3 bananas.
Price: Euro 40

Gourmet Basket
Contains: sweet Teddy Bear, chocolate candies, cookies, gift card and a bottle of sparkling wine can make any day special for you and your woman!
Price: Euro 70

Romantic Gift Set
Classic romantic set for a Lady! It contains 11 red roses, sweet Teddy Bear and a box of good chocolates, that will surely touch Her heart!
Price: Euro 100

English lessons
You can help your Lady to learn English, so you can become closer to each other! Highly qualified teacher will pick the right system in education.
Prices: Euro 150 (program of 10 lessons)
Euro 250 (2 months – 18 lessons)
Euro 400 (3 months)

SPA salon certificate
Give your Beloved a day for her! Let her be pampered by skillfully relaxing procedures, and experience the tenderness of SPA treatments.
Certificate prices (depends on the diversity of services):
Euro 75 (Silver certificate)
Euro 150 (Golden certificate)
Euro 200 (Royal certificate)

Beauty Salon Certificate
Every real woman loves to take care of themselves, but sometimes it is difficult to find time for all the procedures. Manicure, pedicure, stylish hairstyle and much more will give a great mood to your Lady!
Certificate prices (depends on the diversity of services):
Euro 75 (Silver certificate)
Euro 150 (Golden certificate)
Euro 200 (Royal certificate)

Professional Photo session
Let your Lady feel like a real professional top-model! Professional stylist and a professional photographer will create great photos and will leave good memories for many years!
Price: Euro 50 (10 photos set)
Euro 75 (20 photos set)

Jewelry Gift Card
Compliment your Lady with something very special – elegant gold jewelry. Make your lady shine with this extraordinary gift…
Prices*: Euro 200 (Silver card);
Euro 400 (Golden card)

*price of the card depends on jewelry weight. Gift certificate involves jewelry of your Lady`s choice.

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