Russian women fraud: make sure this is not a scam before you start.


It is true that Russian and Ukrainian women are very beautiful, for the most part they have preserved traditional family values, but it is also true that where there is great demand, more scammers appear.

Currently, 90% of the profiles of “Russian and Ukrainian women” on the Internet are fake.

Thus, the goal is to help you move on to real meetings, avoiding the danger of being cheated.

Flirt with Russian or Ukrainian
I explain to you what is unacceptable and what is dangerous, even if you are in love with a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman. You must prepare for the various reactions of beautiful Russian women. These are women with character who will not make your mission easy. A beautiful Russian or Ukrainian woman expects serious intentions.

List of things that you have to avoid while flirting and surprising Ukrainian and Russian ladies:

  • Create for yourself an idealistic picture of a Ukrainian woman and be disappointed in meeting her.
  • Compare a Russian or Ukrainian woman with your ex-girlfriends / women. The girls who surround you in Ukraine / or in your country are your friends, but not her.
  • Be too persistent or too passive. You have to find a middle ground.
  • Compare yourself with other foreign men, Ukrainians, etc.
  • Talk about everything and nothing, not both of you, or your intentions together.
  • Attract the attention of everyone around, flirting with other women during a meeting.
  • Offer money, gifts to impress your girlfriend.
  • Discuss during your first meeting your stereotypical knowledge about Ukraine and its inhabitants.
  • Use a lot of jokes
  • Talking a lot is not clear. Your girlfriend may not understand you.
  • Try to please too much. Be yourself!
  • Touching her, it can often be a sign that you want to have sex right away.
  • To go to noisy places. You should find a comfortable atmosphere for a meeting, not clubs with a lot of people.
  • With the help of these tips, I can guarantee you that you are on the right track to seduce a Russian or Ukrainian lady.

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