Services and Tariffs 2020 in marriage agency “Loveinua”


Tariffs on new service!

Only from March 30 to May 1, 2020 we give our clients such unique opportunity to meet, communicate and create relationships in the near future.

3 steps to meet your perfect match

Sooner or later everyone wants to arrange their privacy. To succeed, we offer 3 consecutive steps to make your dream come true!

Step 1

Look carefully at the profiles of the ladies on the site and determine which interests you the most. You can exchange 3 free messages with your chosen one.

There is one important component which help you to succeed in finding of your perfect match – your profile. A right profile make 70 percent of your success. And we are here to help you with your introduction. Please, feel the form below. And our consultant will contact you. The registration is free for all of our members.

Step 2

Well, the dialogue is well established between you and lady. Certain, it may help you to take decision as for developing of communication with one or more  ladies depending on their will and reciprocate  interest to continue your acquaintance. Congratulations! You are on the right way. And now you can start thinking  about communication via online chat and getting  to know each other better. So you may invite a lady for a video conference with one of your messages or letters or send us request for a VC  by e-mail with ID of ladies. One more advantage only for members of Loveinua : our professional matchmaker is online in oder to help with advices and preselection of ladies as well as organization a VC with a good match. The video conference service – rate 30 EUR / half an hour.

Step 3

If you decide that your interest to this lady is only increasing and you are ready to continue the communication in person, you will have the possibility to acquire the personal data of your Rare Perl and to communicate with her in an unlimited way in the future. This service – rate 100 EUR.

Tariffs 2020

Dear men our main goal is to help you to find your perfect Match, then it’s  up to you to work on the relationship and become the ideal partner for each other.

Tariff BASIC

  • Organization of individual meetings with 3 – 5 ladies of your choice.
  • Services of translation (provided by professional English speaking interpreter)

a personal interpreter/guide is available 3 hours per day during your stay in Kharkov (we suggest 5-7 days). If you need more hours of translation, every over hour is to be payed additional. Working hours of translators are from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.

Only for our clients a new service!!!

!!!during your stay in Kharkov you are guided by our professional matchmaker.

The rate is: 750 EUR.

Tariff All included

  • 2 letters or messages to any lady or ladies of your selection and their reply to you;
  • Videoconference of 30 min with 3 – 5 ladies of your selection before your trip to Kharkov;
  • Exchanging contacts with a lady(ladies) of your selection before your trip to Kharkov;
  • Booking of a comfortable apartment * with Wi-Fi and air conditioning or a hotel located in the city center;
  • transfer from/to the airport, train station or bus station (in Kharkov);
  • organization of individual meetings with ladies;
  • services of translation:

a personal interpreter/guide is available 4 hours per day during your stay in Kharkov. If you need more hours of translation, every over hour is to be payed additional. Working hours of translators are from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.

  • Visit of massage room (any type of massage) or a guided tour around the city (duration 3-4 hours)
  • mobile phone + credits on the call account, for the connection with office and the ladies (for the duration of your stay in Kharkov);
  • service of a personal assistance.

!!!during your stay in Kharkov you are guided by our professional matchmaker

The rate  (5 – 7 days ) is: 1450 EUR.

Tariff meeting lady in your country

Meet a lady in your country – 500 EUR.

Tariffs for additional services:

Translation and interpretation services (provided by the professional English speaking interpreter):

  • Interpreter support in the city and / or a guided tour – 15 EUR / hour
  • Interpretation services provided during individual meetings (English speaking interpreter)

– day rate * 20 EUR / hour

* The established rate is valid for translation services provided from 9 am to 7 pm Monday to Friday.

– evening rate * 30 EUR / hour.

* The established rate is valid for translation services provided from 7pm to 11pm from Monday till Friday, on weekends during the day and on public holidays.

  • Translation service for e-mail letters provided by English-speaking translator. A letter (your letter to the lady and her reply)– 6 euros.
  • The video conference service – rate 55 EUR / hour.
  • Exchange of contacts with one lady – 100 EUR.
  • Individual meeting 100 EUR
  • Individual search of a lady – 350 EUR
  • Personal assistance – 400 EUR

How many ladies can I meet ?

You can meet so many ladies as you wish, if they have the same wish as you have, we organize meetings with them. Also it depends on wish and the period of your stay.

In general how many ladies do you suggest to meet ?

Well, you may meet only one lady and find a good connection between you. By experience, we organize meetings for men whose wish is to find a lady for a beautiful relationship, and here there is only one special formula – to meet a right lady. Give us information about you and describe a lady you wish to meet, send us your photos. And we are glad to start to help you with selection of ladies. We suggest to meet 3 or 5 ladies.

How long it’s better to stay in Kharkov to meet 3-5 ladies ?

The best period we suggest is 5 – 7 days. And then if all goes well you may see with a lady how to develop your communication and relationship.

How may I be sure that all of them are interested ?

-Only ladies who wish to meet you take this important decision and come for a personal meeting. Every of our ladies members are very busy with their work and wish and hope by our assistance to meet a man for a beautiful and stable relationship.

Is it true that some of ladies wish to find a man but really don’t wish to leave a country?

– Yes it’s true, there are always ladies who wish to stay live in their country, everyone has her own reason. That’s why our personal assistance may help you to meet ladies who have the same wish as you.

Are there ladies who wish to find a partner for a life or ladies who just wish to live this experience to get more emotions?

Before to register ladies, we meet them in person and talk to them to understand their wishes and desires. All of the ladies are different, different characters, different personalities, but all have the same  wish to love and be loved.

What do Ukrainian or Russian women expect from the foreign men?

– Well, the question is very interesting and the right answer you may get from your ideal partner.

So many ladies, so many opinions. Everyone is unique on her own way and every one has her own wishes.  And every lady had different experience in the past, some ladies keep their values and still wish for a beautiful family and are ready to invest their time and efforts to achieve their goal. Some of them prefer to choose another direction which will be not appreciated, but which bring them satisfaction. And here, we have to ask the ladies: what do they expect from their future partner? In general an information about their wishes you find in their profiles and it would be great to ask ladies while personal meetings what do they expect. So, our dear men, don’t be shy and talk more to the ladies.

We think that if there is a good communication between you and a lady, there will be always a chance to build a beautiful relationship.

Then, there are lot of other components to achieve your goal.

Every case is personal. And we are glad to guide you towards your lady.

Services 2020

The range of services we provide is wide enough:

Communication services:

  • Communication by e-mail correspondence

This service includes the exchange of letters between you and your lady. Using this service you will have an opportunity to know each other better and to check the character of your correspondent. The first 2 letters from you and the first responses from any lady are free. Before starting correspondence with a lady please contact us. We suggest you who of ladies are really interested to know you

*If lady is not in our agency please provide her ID and the name of the site.

  • Video conference service – we will organize a video meeting for you and the woman you choose. You will enjoy your session as long as you want. All you need is to inform us about time and date of the video date that are suitable for you. Our best interpreters are at your service.

Dating services

  • Face-to-face date with a lady from our agency – we will arrange a date between you and the lady you like in one of the most romantic places that you or your lady would prefer.
  • Face-to-face date with a lady from our partner agency – you will be welcomed by client managers of our partner agencies (serious, competent and professional associates), who will arrange your dates with ladies from their list, and will also offer all the services you might need – from transport and accomodation services to expert advice on any question during your stay.

Interpreter services

  • Interpreter for dates – our professional interpreters are always at your service to break language barrier between you and the lady you choose.
  • Interpreter help in the city – you can find our interpreters useful not only during dates, as they can be useful for many other purposes, like shopping, walking around the city, etc.
  • Interpreter help in any city of Ukraine – our interpreter can come to any city in Ukraine you want to stay in. He will help you in meeting ladies from our partner agencies or with other requests from your side. We can rent an apartment and send our interpreter to any Ukrainian city.

Transport and accommodation services

  • Transfer service – you can order transfer from\to the airport, railway station, bus station or any other place to any point on the map of Kharkov and the whole Ukraine.
  • Ticket booking and delivery – we are ready to book a ticket for you for any transport and any destination or to give you info upon transport schedule – just ask!
  • Apartment rent in any city of Ukraine – when you need an apartment or a hotel room in any Ukraine`s district – we are always ready to help! We have options for any request – just ask, and we will gladly reply!

Gifts delivery

We deliver a gift to your lady, take a picture at the moment of delivery and send it to you for FREE. You can also order the following things: Flowers; Perfume; Visit to SPA center – contact us for details.

We are open for your ideas concerning gifts and presents and will be glad to assist in offering the best gift you choose for your lady.

Any present you order for your sweetheart will make her pleased for sure, but the best gift for Ukrainian lady from our agency is your personal meeting with her in Kharkov.

Just let us know ladies ID you are interested in and  we are available to guide you to your rare pearl!

A special service  for our customers –  service of personal assistant  (matchmaker ). What are the benefits of these services during the period of your registration?

! The registration is free !

– Important points such as the perfect knowledge of the ladies – members of the agency, their mentality and character can help you meet and communicate with people who have the same goals and objectives as you.

– You will avoid misunderstandings caused by the difference of cultures and mentalities.

– You will be able to better understand the mentality of your partner and then conquer her heart.

Great wish to understand the mentality of the Russian or Ukrainian lady, her desires, her mood and her humor will lead you to succeed in a beautiful relationship or stable union. It is not simple enough that some men can imagine, but I admit that it is possible and achievable. I have been doing this job for years and it makes me happy to see the couples who are forming, to know that they are happy. We try to do all the necessary in a way  people who are looking for partner for beautiful and healthy relationship could find him.

Terms and conditions:

  • Your personal assistant remains available from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (local time), to provide advice or answer questions from the Client.
  • The personal assistant or matchmaker discusses with the Client his specific case, his criteria and his projects, and gives him the personal information on each member that interests him to enable him to “target” the most appropriate profiles for him, this goes beyond the photos and information of the ads on the site.
  • Personal assistant presents to the Client the profiles of the ladies who are interested and motivated to know him and who correspond to his search criteria.
  • Matchmaker connects the Client with these ladies or the ladies selected by the Client, proposing to choose the most suitable means of communication, which will allow them to discover and get closer before the actual meeting.
  • Matchmaker keeps the Client regularly informed of inquiries from his interlocutors about him, of their feelings regarding correspondence and exchanges of photos;
  • The Personal assistant indicates, as and when the Client-Adherent relationship develops, which of the ladies are most interested in the Client’s application, and which are less convinced. This knowledge of mutual interest will guide the Client in the right direction and help them make the right choice knowingly.
  • The Personal assistant organizes video-meetings with the candidate (s)
  • The personal counselor (matchmaker) is at your disposal throughout the period of your registration to guide you towards the creation of serious relations.

We are happy to attend to multiply your chances to succeed your approach to find a woman for serious and lasting relationships.

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