Personal assistant

Are you looking for a professional assistant to help you with all sorts of problems?

Do you want to get a competent advice? Our agency offers personal assistant services for solving various issues related to business, jurisdiction, real estate and psychology.

Business consultations

When creating and managing your own business, even the most experienced people can have different questions. Our professional consultants will help you to solve any problems related to business, give practical advice and help in any situation. We can advise on starting and further conducting your own business, development of the firm, financial activity, accounting, etc. We guarantee a high-quality service and a successful result. We also offer services of a marketer who can help you in promoting the company, give advice on advertising, service, quality of service, etc. 

Lawyer consulting

It is very difficult to imagine your life without a professional lawyer, especially if you are a company manager or an entrepreneur. Although individuals often require assistance in legal matters. If you are looking for competent specialists, contact our agency. We only have professionals who can understand all the details of your business. We will provide assistance in issues related to inheritance, real estate, copyright, antimonopoly legislation, etc. We will understand all the minutest details of any law – tax, civil, labor, family. We work with legal entities and individuals.

Real estate consulting

If you have any questions related to the purchase, sale of real estate, as well as renting it, don’t hesitate to contact our professional realtors. Our highly qualified specialists will provide you with any help and advice on a particular issue, will help to draw up a contract, will conduct an appraisal of real estate, etc. We guarantee honesty and decency.

Psychological counseling

Every person in his life can have situations that are difficult to cope with without assistance, such as the death of the spouse or of a relative, fear, insecurity, etc. If you feel that you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our professional psychologists. They will help you to arrange your life, to cope with any problem, to feel confident and at ease. Working with a professional specialist guarantees success in resolving any issue that worries you.

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