Services and Rates 2019 in marriage agency “Loveinua”


During the registration period the Customer benefits from the personal assistance service which includes: • The Agency remains available from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm (local time), to provide advice or respond to questions from the Customer. • The Agency discusses with the Client his specific case, his criteria and his […]

Service of personal assistance


Nowadays, international meetings and online dating become more and more frequent, and women in Eastern countries are more open to new acquaintances with foreign men. This summer our agency offers you a special service for our customers – service of personal assistance. What are the benefits of this service during the period of your registration? […]

Make your dream come true

Ladies registered to dating event 27 th of July 2019


Dear sir, The 27th of July is approaching and we hope that this time you will be surprised by the number of pretty Russian and Ukrainian ladies invited to our social event . We expect more than 90 ladies! !! Both formulas we propose will allow you to limit your expenses, you will feel more free of […]

Social dating group event in Kharkov summer 2019


After receiving many positive comments after our latest social on the 20 th of April we wish to share some good news: we are going to organize a Social on July 27th! We have positive experience in organizing events like that, as our main priority is to help people to meet their partner for serious […]

What are the benefits of using the translation services of professional interpreters?


In my opinion, it is a necessary and indispensable means for men as well as for women registered in international marriage agencies. The main opportunity of services of professional translator offered by our agency to our members is to help to understand better the mentality of the person with whom you are in communication. The […]

Our Dear Clients!


After receiving many requests from your side, we would like to share some good news: we are going to organize a Social on April 20th! We have positive experience in organizing events like that, as our main priority is to help people meet their partner for serious relations, to make our events interesting and useful […]

We are happy to announce that the following social is scheduled for April 20!


A spring is coming and brings new hopes!!! According to the testimonials of our dear guests: 17 men and 75 ladies, we may conclude that the evening of February 14 was a great success! Thank you for all our clients for accepting our invitation to Valentine’s Day, we hope that you have spent your time […]

How to avoid being scammed?


OUR ADVICE: MAIN: DO NOT SEND MONEY to women you haven’t met! DO NOT OFFER TO SEND MONEY to her to help with anything – very few women would refuse, and then will see the easy way to “make” money. Try to avoid money question at all. If asked for money – do not send […]



Travelling is one of the way to open for yourself new horizons. New acquaintances and communication with new people whose culture is different from ours, allows us to extend the boundaries of consciousness as well as to have a more vivid image of the world and of course leaves an unforgettable impression. The difference of […]

Social dating event in Kharkov The 15 of February 2019

22/Jan/2019 is organizing again an exceptional evening of meeting and dating between the Ukrainian women from Kharkov and Western men in search of serious relations. The date of this evening 15 of February 2019 – Saint Valentin’s Day !   Welcome to the evening of St Valentine in Kharkov which will take place on the […]

Gifts delivery


Send a Gift and Make a Call – For Free! The holiday season is upon us, let her know that you are thinking of her during this very special time of year. Now when you send her that beautiful bouquet of roses, you can call her to see how she liked them on us! We […]

Tired of the daily routine?


Don’t know how to plan your perfect trip? Read this post to the end, and you will find out how to get rid of all the difficulties with planning your trip to another country, and get only positive impressions from your journey! So, let’s start… Sooner or later anyone gets bored, wants to run away […]

Excursion “Romantic Kharkov”


The Evening of Love Love… Love, without any doubt, is one of the most important things in our life! It is a source of inspiration, gives us strength for great deeds, leads us to victory and achievements, gives us wings, and pushes to folly! Yes, sometimes love hurts. Nevertheless, no doubt, exactly love is one […]

Interview or some important things to know about your future partner


For our clients men we suggest some questions that could be important in case when both wish to continue and develop relationship, some of them we ask ladies before confirmation of thier registration on our website: 1. Have you seriously thought about life abroad? 2. Do you plan on improving your education abroad? 3. Are […]

Personal guide around Kharkov


  Hello, my name is Stas, and I can be your personal guide around Kharkov! As a man who has two higher educations, I can answer all your questions that concern to Kharkov history and architecture – I am a graduate of two universities – Kharkiv National University by V.N. Karazin (faculty of history and […]

Our team wishing you a perfect day!!!


Soon we will be glad to share with you our latest video from social event which was held on November the 1st. That was a great success for all of our participants!!! Soon to be on our y-tube channel This year we are launching a new project that will offer our customers a more personalized […]

If love is really love …


When in the presence of another suddenly you feel happy; simply because you are together, you feel ecstasy; the very presence of another satisfies something deep in your heart … something starts to sing in your heart, you get into harmony. The very presence of the other helps you to be more collected; you become […]

It’s not a secret for anyone that foreign men prefer to marry Slavic girls.


It’s not a secret for anyone that foreign men prefer to marry Slavic girls. Why? We will try to answer this question. The fact is that Slavic girls always attracted men by their beauty, modesty and femininity. Moreover, their beauty is natural, without the intervention of cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. Any man feels like a […]

Magic event in Kharkov

Magic event in Kharkov – to meet with Ukrainian woman


To mark the beginning of summer with our partner in Kharkov (Ukraine) organizes an evening of exceptional encounters between the women of the city of Kharkov and Western men in search of serious relations. The date of this evening is Friday, June 29, 2018. Between 80 and 100 single women (members of the agency, […]

Perfect Match

Find your Perfect Match in a short period


We are glad to inform you that for today our database of beautiful ladies is more than 1 000 ladies! Moreover, we can add that soon we will be glad to help and assist you with organizing dates with our lonely charming ladies in 10 Ukrainian cities!

Make your dream come true

Make your dream come true


Probably there’s no person in the world who does not like to travel. Thanks to our marriage agency couples in love can meet anywhere in the world – do not miss your chance to become happy! Our agency has been helping lonely hearts worldwide to find each other for already several years. Many men don’t […]

first sight to true love

From the Love at first sight to true love….


Love is crazy, unpredictable, thundering, it can strike anywhere, anytime. Even at the first date … Sometimes even before. VIRTUAL LIGHTNING Even before you met her, you felt that something “special” was happening. At each of your discussions, you were transported, conquered, dazzled. Besides, you only think about her (h all day long, and you […]

4 signs that you have found the love of your life


Throughout our life we ​​enter into different relationships in order to find a person who will be with us forever.
There are people who marry their classmates, and in 40 years they still passionately love each other, and there are people of them spend their entire life searching. And this is normal.

March, 8 | Loveinua

March, 8


A bouquet of flowers on the day of the 8th of March will be a nice present for a lady.

Soon it’s a women’s day in Ukraine!

6/Mar/2018 team proposes to offer a present to your sweetheart. It’s also a great opportunity to start a communication with a lady you wish or celebrate a lady who are already in communication with.