Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


In Kiev the Miss Ukraine contest took place last week and one of the members of our agency participated and won the Miss top shape)

Natalia, a charming woman, wanted to meet a man through our international marriage agency for a serious and lasting relationship had registered with our agency since last August. Her life story and her path are not easy, but having a strong will to rebuild her personal life with a man from the West who could accept it as it is, she was ready to put her significant efforts and time to be able to meet him and then to invest in a relationship with him.

After a month of registering, she was already receiving some offers from French and Italian men to get to know her. But Natalia did not want to give false hopes to men and preferred to wait for a man who could become a man of her life. Nataliya hoped to find good communication, reciprocal feelings, affinities, commonalities and chemistry in a partner during the meeting. Yet all the candidates had good personal qualities and a good position in professional life, communication was fairly easy to develop, but Nataliya, knowing well what she wanted, continued to search for her special man. In March 2021 she got to know Alain. A man who knew exactly that he would find his worthy wife in loveinua.com since he registered here. A confident, proud and reliable man, with a lot of life experience, having complete confidence in himself, knew what he wanted, made the decision to take this step and accepted our services in July 2020. It was not an easy task to be able to find a rare pearl among all these candidates whose profiles were carefully studied during the preselection. All the young ladies selected, beautiful, intelligent, and corresponding to the criteria of his research, claimed their desire to get to know Alain. However, the choice was not fast enough as we had hoped, as each woman was able to seduce Alain with her presentation, as well as her own way of holding the conversation and her individual qualities when of the first video conference. Obviously, this prompted a fairly strong and confident man to reflect… Make his choice… Who among the beautiful women with many qualities that men seek in women, could become his lady of the heart? Three dates with the candidates were scheduled, and only one was invited to spend more time together in order to get to know each other better. The month of August was the best time to meet these young ladies… The results were quick to come. Julia, who made our hero’s heart beat with her living spirit and her joie de vivre, became his guest ….

 Everything went wonderfully and our participants were happy with their choice, but there was one thing – there was not enough of what both the man and the woman were looking for – love. Their date and hobby was more like a meeting of kindred spirits, but did not provide an opportunity to take the next step in relationship development. So Alain decides to continue looking for his ideal wife.

During the next 5 months of his membership in the agency Alain made some more interesting acquaintances among the members of our Agency, Natalia’s profile captured his attention. A gentle, simple, charming woman of rare personal qualities, according to Alain. Will she become the lady of his heart? Without hesitating, as always decisive, Alain asks Loveinua to organize a call with Natalia. In March 2021 their fairly active communication started through our Agency and plan to meet in Kiev in April. Thanks to their mutual desire to start and then develop a beautiful relationship, the meeting took place and now their strong desire to move forward and to get closer push them to move on to the next step …

As we say, Love knows no borders.

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