Scammers, money hunters, gold diggers, girls who don’t know what they want …


Men often use these expressions to describe the opposite half, with whom they have not had a positive experience of communicating, and naturally, there was no question of a genuine relationship to start. Yet it seems that most men passing through dating sites are seduces by feminine beauty, fascinated by their tenderness, pride, love of life, as well as other qualities inherent in many women. Ukrainian or Russian. However, according to experience and statistics, only 10% of men would dare to go all the way, towards the goal of creating harmonious and sincere relationships. Actually, the route is quite long and not so easy. In addition, it consists of the following steps men have to do: first, start by searching on dating sites or trusting sites of international marriage agencies, then get to know women, and then  switch to direct line communication before meeting in person, and finally, a real meeting with the one who is so attractive and alluring happens.

Why are there not many who are able to pursue and develop events in reality and only some achieve their goal? This is a question we would like to ask men. Perhaps their own outlook and the reason for choosing Slavic girls as a partner for the relationship and the creation of the family will help us to have a more complete picture of their situation. By taking into consideration their wishes and desires, which lead them to rush in search of a second half to the assistance of marriage agencies, we try to define and predict their success rate.

Hoping that the opinions of the men interviewed as well as their experience would also bring you closer to achieving your goal – meeting an intelligent, feminine and charming woman and the end result is not going to be long in coming.

In the meantime, we’ll answer your questions – What does a woman expect from a man and a relationship with him? And what can a woman give a man?

First, what does a woman want? To begin with, keep in mind that you should not complicate the understanding of this question and invent answers for yourself, which are often ambiguous and lead to a dead end. The answer is simple – a woman wants the stability and support of a man – moral, material, not to mention the important elements: a sense of security, respect, trust, etc. Obviously, everyone can have their own wish list for a partner and you will likely find all of this during the first in-person meeting or even earlier, before the meeting, during a Skype call.

Second, what can a woman give to a man? The answer is just as simple – exactly what he expects from her. After interviewing our wonderful ladies, we came to the following thing: every woman is capable and can give her man exactly what he can offer  her.

If he offers her support, in return she is ready to support him, to be an inspiration to him, to fill her man with her joy and happiness.

If a man is ready to propose a romantic relationship, the woman will become that romantic particle that will set the tone and flavor of this relationship. Each relationship can have its own taste and feelings of happiness, quite variable and numerous and unforgettable emotions.

If a man is ready to offer a woman a family – a couple, where both will become active participants in the creation of their own common world, the world of reality, and not the world of illusions, then the woman will play a major role but in a delicate way. Thus, the happiness of both will be possible, despite the joyous and difficult times, and the path of this couple will certainly be successful.

To conclude, before starting a new adventure, would it be exactly as you would like it to be, take a moment to think – what you can and would like to offer a woman)

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