Questions to ask during a first meeting


Are you ready for your first date? I suggest reflecting on questions we ask during the first meeting. In fact, questions properly asked help us to learn about a person’s character traits, even if they are carefully hidden. They can transform the date into an interesting discussion rather than a kind of job interview.

Feel free to make a note with your alternative questions for the meeting and take a benefit of it. Some of them are quite extraordinary and daring for the first date, the others seem too simple at first glance. But the answers to these questions can give much more information about a person who is in front of you, than ordinary questions “Where do you work?” and “What can you tell me about yourself?”

“What are you planning to do next week?” By asking this question, you can find out not only her hobbies and how she prefers to spend his free time, but also about what her daily life consists of and what she pays special attention to.

“What have you always wanted to try, but haven’t you done it yet?” The answer to this question can cause a real alarm. Someone wants to skydive or go to Africa. But someone generally has no desires and aspirations. And some immediately begin to share their intimate fantasies.

“What is your most successful day?” It gives an idea of ​​what things a person values ​​in her life, which is important for her. In addition, if the answer to the question turns into a laudatory ode in her own honor, then most likely your companion is excessively fixated on herself. With a high probability this will be manifested in potential relationships.

“Are you organized or spontaneous?” Are surprises part of her life: you will know with this question. While a little organization is essential, there is also room for surprises and the unexpected. With this question, you will surely have a glimpse of how lives this new person who will perhaps enter your life.

“What makes you laugh?” Humor helps us not to dramatize our everyday life. You really need it and you are looking for it in the other. Check if you share the same type of humor.

“What could you eat every day of the week?” Will your tastes be similar? It’s to do! This question on food will allow you to identify her real eating habits because everyone knows, you should not trust the restaurant where you are going. It isn’t probably a reflection of her daily life …

“What is your most vivid childhood memory?” Childhood memories can tell you how your partner looked at the world around her from an early age and what impact it had on her. It’s also a great way to learn more about her past and discuss how you both grew up.

“Describe me your perfect weekend?” When it comes time to plan a weekend together, you’ll be glad to have some brief information about her vision for two days off.

Maybe you have your own branded special questions for the first date, which can help you to read your partner without fail?

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