Does a long-distance relationship have a future?


You live in one city and your lady in another one. You communicate a hundred times a day, but you see each other up to ten times a year. Even you don’t meet at all. You think about each other and you even have plans for the future.

What is a long-distance relationship? Is it an illusion? Is it a substitution for reality? Is it just a nice equivalent to the daily routine?

Does a long-distance relationship have a future?

Virtual “ideality”, or falling in love at a distance.

Nowadays, more and more people meet using social networks and dating sites.

People prefer to seem and not be. It’s much easier to play a virtual role of a person you can not really be because of the lack of courage. We put on a mask and here is an “ideal” character.

But in these virtual relationships it is especially the romantic aspect that counts. The brain adds the desired details and is fascinated by the imaginary partner.

In addition the Photoshop and the angles of taking photos help ladies to create a fantastic image. And for men it’s a photo near a new classy car in automobile sales center.

So at the beginning of relationships we have a “woman of dreams” or a ” charming prince”. And as a result we are fascinated with a dream.

If there is no collapse of the ideal during the first real meeting, when we notice the difference between reality and the virtual image, then a long-distance relationship between a man and a woman begins.

A priori this relationship has more chance for a long and lively evolution. Because we fall in love with a “hero / heroine” and an invented image.

Rare meetings, warmed by feelings, always have a lot of emotions and passion.

Is a long-distance relationship Verification Possible? Can it be change or transform to something more?…

It should be noted that love is a hormonal process with a certain validity period of three to 36 months. Hence the expression “Love lasts three years”. But it’s love at first sight, not love.

Love at first sight is distinguished from the mature feeling of love by a hormonal imbalance. That’s why we are so “excited”.

It is a kind of psychological insufficiency: mood swings, disruption of sleep and appetite, decreasing interest in all areas of life except the object of love.

To grow Love from a “hormonal imbalance” the couple must pass the durability test. These are revelations after the end of the candy-bouquets period, in everyday situations, crises, “luck and bad luck”.

Long-distance relationships do not have this opportunity. More exactly this test by the daily routine is rejected, if the man and the woman are destined to live together.

Either the remote partners keep the illusion of the ideality of the partner, because the circumstances that could remove the pink glasses, do not exist.

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