Signs of attention, do they help to maintain and keep relationship with a beautiful lady?


When you live far away from each other, it is very difficult to show your partner that your intentions are serious. Romantic letters and beautiful sentences can partially compensate this, but not completely. Everyone evaluates the sincerity of words by the actions of his partner. But what actions will help if you are at a distance from each other? The answer is the signs of attention. There is one thing that unites women all over the world – they love gifts! If you make her a birthday present or a gift for some good occasion, it will help and bring you closer to her. Women’s nature is different from men’s one, it’s a fact. Therefore, take this into account and try to understand the feelings of the opposite sex. Prove of your attention does not mean that you are forced to send a precious gifts. Everyone acts according to their capabilities, their education and their social status, but a sign of your affection such as flowers, fruits, sweets will be certainly appreciated by your sweetheart! Gestures are more important than words!

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