Love and its definition can be considered from different points of view – philosophical, religious, psychological, even medical. It is admired, inspired, adored, exalted. Poetry, painting, music, life are devoted to it.

However, can we say that everyone understands love in their own way?

 What is it like, what is it, how is it different from other feelings, can it harm?

 But the most importantly – how to find it?

What is love? Love is a deep, lasting and lasting attachment combined with the corresponding benevolent actions. The “feeling-action” link is inseparable. 

Love is a feeling that is unique to a person, a deep affection and yearning for another person or another object, a feeling of deep sympathy. There is no single clear definition for this concept, as different teachings interpret love in their own way.

 For example:

  • religion (Christianity) – sacrifice, patience, forgiveness;
  • philosophy – it is the highest form of interconnection between people;
  • science – physico-chemical processes and conditions affecting the psyche;
  • psychology – it is a manifestation of socialization, in search of procreation;
  • society – a unifying category in the family (blood, acquired);
  • art – it is one of the most powerful sources of inspiration, of stimulation;
  • esotericism -it is an energetic connection predetermined by higher forces.

The very concept of love is ideal, but its manifestations in human behavior are not. And it’s okay. You can imagine a flawless pearl in your imagination, but in reality even the most beautiful pearls have microscopic cracks, chips, scratches. You may perceive this feeling as a moral and emotional category, associated only with psychology or spirituality. But it is still difficult to deny the fact that it affects the physiological state, well-being.

If we talk about love in our case we may give a next definition – A mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person.

To find love, you can’t just sit around and wait for something to change. It is important to act. And it shouldn’t be done spontaneously, but in a thoughtful way.

The best assistant in this matter is our international marriage agency. Our rich experience of working with beautiful Ukrainian brides who seek to create a serious relationship with European men:

  • becomes a good helper in choosing suitable candidates for dating;
  • helps smooth the angles and nuances of different cultures;
  • makes correspondence, communication, chat and personal meetings more comfortable.

But this is only one important success factor.

The second factor is your individual work on yourself! Finding true love means making the person you love happy! Therefore, it is very important:

• Avoid turning love into a mandatory goal of dating. This feeling comes when partners are ready for love and have a strong enough desire to be together. Be natural and sincere, listen carefully to your feelings and those of the girl.

• Love yourself, be ready to change if the situation calls for it. Openness to the world and new experiences is a prerequisite for a serious and lasting relationship.

• Keep a positive attitude and focus on your success. Do not think about eventual failures. Believe in yourself and in your future.

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