From the Love at first sight to true love….


Love is crazy, unpredictable, thundering, it can strike anywhere, anytime. Even at the first date … Sometimes even before.

VIRTUAL LIGHTNING Even before you met her, you felt that something “special” was happening. At each of your discussions, you were transported, conquered, dazzled. Besides, you only think about her (h all day long, and you can not wait to go home and “find” behind your little magic screen. No wonder that a few hours before the hour H of the day of your first meeting, you have the heart that beats, sweaty hands, knotted stomach. You are in love … The risk: Disappoint at the first appointment, you realize that you were, in fact, in love only with the idea that you were about her or the character she strove to play to please you …

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Literally, “love at first sight”, as in American movies and series with rose water. Except that it happens to you! You put your eyes on her and Boum, the sparkle: this little clever Cupid takes the opportunity to launch his arrow and you’re hooked … Yes, yes, it exists. The human brain sometimes reacts in a “carnal” way, responding to a cocktail of hormones that pushes it to the insane, the unreasonable, and incidentally in the arms of an unknown person … Here too, the signs do not deceive: legs that are flailing, knotted stomach, appetite mask, euphoria, in short, you are in seventh heaven, do not look away and drink her words. But beware, this “state” never lasts a long time and the risk of disintegrating once the haze dissipated is large, dangerously large … You put her on a pedestal and did not see her flaws, logical, love is blind … Back to “reality”, it will have to face: “Do I really have a future with her? Are we really compatible? … ” Yes, a love at first sight can sometimes turn into a blow …

LOVE, THE TRUE First date, first emotions. You who were so afraid of being disappointed, that’s not the case. She is such that you imagined her, perhaps even better, and you had a wonderful evening to discover, talk about her, about you, about everything and nothing. You feel that the current is passing, that something is happening. One thing is sure: she is not indifferent to you. From there to saying that you are already in love, there is a step, but a step that you could cross very quickly if everything happens as you feel. All this is more than positive, your nascent feelings are the fruit of a true complicity, not the uncontrollable result of a rise of hormones. As time goes by, and if all goes well, they will grow, evolve towards real projects of common life, and will be all the more solid that they will have invested your heart step by step, without ever rushing it.

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