Organization the journeys for you Guided excursion «Historical Kharkov»


Historical Kharkov

Kharkov always has something to surprise its guests
– that`s what say people who come to our city for the first time. Our city has nice and unusual buildings,interesting monuments, cozy streets – but it is only what you see on surface!Behind it, there are many interesting stories!

Most of the time the guides all around planet pick the strategy of telling only about achievements of their cities, regions or famous persons. As a historian, Ithink that mentioned strategy is incorrect, because history is very versatile process!

I have my personal version of an excursion around Kharkov – to let our dear gueststouch Kharkov “soul”, to immerse them into the world of it. I will be speaking of totally different things: about achievements, discoveries,successes, facts and people that make Kharkov proud, but also about tragic spots inthe history our city, about things that are rarely mentioned, that can`t make our cityproud at all.

In my opinion, it is the only way to understand our city in the rightway, and after you see Kharkov at different angles – you can really love it!

Guided excursion

«Historical Kharkov»:

the duration – 2-3 hours;

the price –  45 euros.

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