Types of ladies you may meet on dating-sites.


Thanks to dating sites and social networks, the virtual world unites more and more lonely hearts into real families. An interesting fact is that there are more men on dating sites, but at the same time they come “without preparation”. Few of them had a photo shoot before registering on a dating site whose main goal was to present themselves in all their splendor.

There are fewer ladies on the sites, but beauties with wonderful makeup and perfect hairstyle are looking at you from photos. Their refined postures and the best outfits serve them almost as advertising. It only remains for each to update their statuses on the page to: “Pray for reluctant candidates not to disturb the beauty, please.”

Today we’re going to talk about the beautiful half of any website, the ladies you can meet online.

Among groups of girls you can find one for the whole life, or one for one night. Some girls are looking for everything at once, while others need a reliable male shoulder and warmth of soul. There is always a choice for a future.

1. Future queens.

They started dreaming of a prince when they were very young. And they wait for the prince, prepare for a meeting. The photos are polished, the profiles are thought, the image is made. They simply do not know how to attract him, how to stand out among the crowds of competitors for the role of queen. Men who are not in this category will not succeed in meeting such young girls, and on the other hand the young ladies have difficulties in being selected, there are too many candidates.

2. Girl – piggy bank.

These young ladies are searching online for a wallet that is ready to share content with them. Do not be surprised if in the second message you are asked replenish your mobile, pay for your account or pay for other virtual benefits. These girls can be distinguished by frank photos and overly daring profiles. In addition, they rarely read the questionnaire of the alleged victim.

3. Those who are 30 to 40 years old.

Women between 30 and 40 are the most active and motivated candidates for building relationships. Professional photographs and lettered text set these candidates apart from the rest. They are looking for an independent man and (which is very desirable) a man who has a stable financial situation for family happiness and, normally, they find him.

4. The army of honest wives.

There are really a lot of ladies of great value, the most subscribers are like these. And although other groups always spoil their lives, these women still exist on dating sites. They are really looking for a companion, preferably for a long married life. They came to the site because they had lost faith that they could meet someone in real life due to the constant workload. They are really looking for a man, not his material components. Of course, they will not get close to anyone, but they will speak frankly and honestly about everything. It was for this category of brides that all dating sites were originally created.

5. Courtesans.

They will not write it directly in the profile, but many things will become clear during communication. They have a list of requirements for a man: an expensive car, individual housing, a very well-paid job and, above all, a desire to share it all with a courtesan. These girls understand that they are far from the princesses, and therefore their desires are more reflected, banal, more practical. They aspire to find a man with a stable financial situation, 10 to 20 years older than them.

6. Love at first sight.

They fall in love with a first man they meet and are convinced that their feelings are the most sincere. The union with them is short-lived, so it’s best not to expect deep feelings. It is easy to recognize them already when consulting their questionnaire. Often, girls of this type are carriers of piercings or tattoos, in their profile you can find open information about sexual predilections.

Personally, I have nothing against tattoos, but it is believed that the decision to tattoo is an example of irresponsible and shortsighted behavior. No one knows how his life will turn out and, therefore, whether the tattoo performed will be appropriate in the future. If there are girls with children in this group, it is unconsciously perceived as a mistake to choose a partner. Each subsequent relationship will go through the possibility of error in the next choice of partner. Unfortunately, the chances of establishing a relationship with these candidates are negligible.

7. Honest but careful.

These women know what they want, and are really looking for a serious relationship, they want to get acquainted, but they are afraid, because they have heard about the negative experience of dating on the network. They realize that not everyone who has come here has “good intentions”. Their profile is often without photos, there is only one on the avatar. But after talking to the candidate and studying his profile, they will send their photos by email. They do not deceive, you can not worry about it.

There are of course chances to meet your real partner at work or in the company of new friends. Those who are unlucky, those who have not found, they come to dating sites, because there are hardly any other meeting places. Yes, of course, to meet your soulmate on a dating site, you need time, luck and a considerable amount of patience.

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