Honesty and trust in relationship


Honesty and trust are the two cornerstones on which any relationship is built and based. You cannot cheat here, because omissions and euphemisms kill mutual understanding in the same way that lies.

However, between the two people wishing to enter into a relationship a delicate question is often discussed: a previous relationship – would it be an obstacle or on the contrary will become the trigger point of your current or possible relationship. How to act so as not to hurt your partner with the experiences of the past and to avoid making mistakes again …

First, being honest and upfront is a behavior that everyone expects from their future partner. However, there is a difference between being honest and dumping a lot of unnecessary information about your partner. The latter would not in any way strengthen the relationship, however, would only evoke a reason for conflict or doubt.

Relations with ex. On the one hand, everyone really wants to know how experienced the partner is, what has already happened in his/her life, what he or she likes, what she expects from the relationship. And here it is very important that the information is given in a metered amount. Seen if the partner is interested in touching this or that question. Because any excess of emotions, impressions, facts would certainly have become a problem later. Man and woman, both would have liked to know how they could be treated, what would be the plans for a common future and what were the reasons for the separation. What do our women think of these revelations?

– Is it worth talking about ex partners on your own initiative?

– No. This negatively affects new relationships. All memories of the past lead to unintentional comparisons, looking for flaws in a new partner. This then leads to a desire to change the person. And the relationship just started is in danger of being over.

– Is it worth asking questions or talking about past sexual relations?

– Most often, these questions indicate that the partner has had problems in this area. And in this way, he tries to assert himself, to show that the current relationship is ideal. But in previous experiences everything was bad. This approach suggests that a person could not completely forget what happened before, so would always try to justify themselves or to elevate themselves in some way. And this shows that what men always call the relationship really isn’t. First of all it will be better to know what is a relationship for a man.

– Your relationship has just started, would you have wanted to share the reasons for the previous breakup with your possible partner?

– At the beginning, these questions are quite relevant, because we still don’t know each other well. And everything matters – the reason for the separation, the way a person talks about their previous relationship, their resentment or complaints against the former partner, their outlook. These questions, touched on at the beginning, could have helped a lot. After all, any sharp emotion would help define his goals. Would he be able to form a new, deep and happy relationship?

– Do you think it is necessary to know or share the sexual preferences of ex-relationships before entering into a relationship?

– Actually, you don’t have to ask questions head-on. If we are talking about intimate relationships, then what matters is not what the person had, but what they are ready for now. And honesty is the best ally here. If you’re up for such a candid conversation, build it as a dialogue about your common desires without talking about past achievements and victories. Believe me, it is important for you to be here and now and to plan for the future, and not to sink into the dirty laundry of past relationships.

Any previous relationship is a fruitful experience. Thanks to experience, human beings are evolving.

Hope this article will help you build a happy relationship, have an incredible chance to become truly loved, to experience happiness in harmony with your loved one.

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