Signs of love or perfect receipt of a healthy relationship


1. Care.

The desire to patronize, protect from any problems, negative emotions is a sure sign of a serious feeling. It manifests itself in attentiveness to a loved one and his needs.

Examples: helping, providing comfort, being attentive, caring for the sick, helping with household chores.

2. Respect.

 A loving person tries to reckon with the worldview, views, interests of his object of love. He accepts, respects even those aspects that he does not fully understand.

Examples: the ability to listen to the interlocutor, interest in him as a person, a tolerant attitude.

3. Responsibility. The key word is voluntary responsibility.

This is a personal decision, not an imposed obligation. A person understands that his behavior affects not only himself, but also the reputation, feelings, life of the one to whom this love is addressed, directed, manifested.

Examples: planning a joint future, striving to solve rather than suppress or ignore conflicts, working to improve relationships.

4. Freedom.

It would seem that the concept is opposite to responsibility. But it is on par with it in a healthy relationship. If commitment is “we,” then freedom is “me.” More precisely, the willingness to allow the other not to bury this “I” anywhere, not to sacrifice it in favor of “we” or the partner’s ego.

Examples: absence of threats, manipulations, categorical unreasonable prohibitions; giving a choice, the ability to be yourself.

5. Proximity.

This is close communication, understanding each other on the intellectual, emotional, physical levels. A loved one becomes an inseparable part of life, and his usual habits and character are studied almost thoroughly.

Examples: shared traditions, free tactile contact without stiffness or awkwardness (kissing, hugging, touching), built mutual understanding.

6. Unselfishness. Generosity.

Love is free from selfishness. It also has nothing to do with the deal. Giving his feelings, help, care, the lover does it for free. The attitude “you – for me, and me – for you” is a sign of frivolity of feelings or inability to love.

Examples: a desire to do something pleasant without expecting something in return, generosity (including in compliments), initiative.

7. Trust.

Openness in thoughts and actions, sincerity, confidence in the object of adoration are also very important. They form the basis of a healthy relationship, allowing the other ingredients of love to develop.

Examples: loyalty, personal conversations, discovering secrets, relying on someone else, believing in a word.

8. Development.

Love makes people change, develop together. And this is not only the “acquaintance-cohabitation-marriage-children” scheme. This also includes work on relationships and yourself, improving your life together.

Examples: search and development of common interests, occupations.

9. Sobriety. Consciousness.

This is the essential facet of love that is necessary for a healthy and lasting relationship.

Examples: a clear awareness of the loved one flaws, moderate quarrels (their complete absence speaks of idealization, illusion), a clear understanding of difficulties in relationships.

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