How to start communication with a pretty Ukrainian lady before a personal meeting in Kharkov?


We advise the exchange of letters or video communication before the individual meeting. This way of
communication will allow you to better understand the personality of the lady, her character, her way of
thinking, vision of things, her goals and desires, her vision of desirable relationship etc …

You may send to the lady the letter of your presentation. The lady will appreciate this sign of attention,
and will answer you if your interests, your tastes, your objectives and plans for the future are

Women are often sensitive to compliments and love a sense of humor. Start your letter by making a
compliment to the lady, and then talk about the reason of addressing your letter to her. In the first
letter you can talk about yourself and also ask the lady some questions, one of the questions may be
why she is on the international dating’s site, why she is looking to create a relationship with a foreign
For Ukrainain ladies the compatibility of caracters is very important point and they are very interested in
the character traits of their future partner. So, talk more about your personality, about your qualities
and flaws.

Your job, your relationship with your family (parents, brothers, sisters, if you have them) and your way
of life: your hobbies and interests, the vision of the relationship are also the necessary points.

Ukrainian ladies really appreciate sincerity, they manage to feel and understand her man. Every lady has
her qualities and her faults, every lady has her goals in life … be pretty open with the lady who is looking
for the same thing as you.

To make happy and successful relationship with Ukrainian or Russian lady just find your compatible

And we are always available to help you in organizing personal dating with the ladies during you stay in

Free online consultation may be useful because our perfect knowledge of our members will help you to
define your selection of ladies who are interested in a beautiful relationship or the creation of the
(more questions that you may ask a lady while your personal meeting or online communication

Interview or some important things to know about your future partner

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