A women’s day in Ukraine!


Next Sunday we are going to celebrate March 8 which is International Women’s Day!

Despite on the legacy, for us, modern women, it is a celebration of spring, beauty and love!

What is the history of Women’s Day? And how is it celebrated in Ukraine?

In recent years the March 8 holiday in Ukraine is mainly associated with additional day off and flowers and gifts for women, while the history of this holiday shows that it was thought as an instrument of emancipation and popularization of respect for a woman.

According to historical data, the German women socialists and the famous communist Klara Zetkin, as well as Rosa Luxemburg at the International Women’s Conference have agreed that Women’s Day is necessary to promote equal rights for women, including ideas of suffrage.

Women’s Day was not at all as peaceful as it is now, but accompanied by rallies and demonstrations.

Until the 1970s, March 8 was primarily associated with participants in the revolution and their successful struggle for women’s independence.

Over time, processions and demonstrations have been replaced by the tradition of giving flowers and gifts to women.

Was March 8 in Ukraine still “Women’s Day”?

Yes and no. This gender-specific celebration has been going to Ukraine since Soviet times. On March 8, invented as a symbol of the fight for gender equality and respect for women’s work, the celebration was only an occasion to offer a gift to women once more a year, except for their birthday. In modern folklore, the essence of International Women’s Day has been fully expressed with the expression “Shut up, woman, your day is March 8!” And we have a lot of jokes about it.

Why is it customary to give gifts this day in Ukraine and not go on strike for equal pay?

Some authors believe that the conscious and coherent policy of the Soviet leaders was to blame. Already in the 1930s, the essential female departments involved in campaigns, education, aid and the fight for women’s rights were abolished. As a result, women have lost their social advancement and have not reached new heights in terms of equality. Subsequent women’s organizations were largely nominal. Gradually, the revolutionary theme even disappeared from postcards, and the emphasis was placed on the song of female beauty and motherhood, which makes this Day rather like Mother’s Day in other country.

Today, March 8 or International Women’s Day is considered the most tender and spring holiday in honor of the beautiful half of humanity – women.

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