What does a woman want?


What does a woman want? We know it for sure: a fur coat, a car, a diamond. These are the concepts that men invented to justify their laziness by the feminine mercantile spirit. Do you want to know what she really wants?

Do you remember how the hero of Mel Gibson, spoiled by the attention and love of women in the film “What Women Want”, was shocked by hearing the thoughts of the women around him? The film then created a sensation! It is just that many men could not even imagine what they had considered all their life as “dark” (I speak of the feminine soul) turned out to be so simple and clear.

No matter how psychologists try to adapt the feminine nature to the figurative psychotype of ancient goddesses, heroines of fairy tales, “mother-daughters”, etc., only one thing remains clear: the formation of the desires of women is based on the main question: “Has she been able to create her own family, does she strive for that, or does she avoid such a turn of events?”

And often, on dating sites, you meet freedom-loving women or those looking to create a family.

How is a freedom-loving woman?

– She loves herself. In every sense of the term! She loves, cherishes her body, takes care of it, indulges in all her whims. She takes it to expensive restaurants, bathes in chocolate, milk and honey, pours perfume. She listens to the bursts of the soul. Does the soul want to see Angola? No problem! Does she want a thrill? Las Vegas at your service, Madam! Does she want here and now a gold shoe with small diamond shards? There’s nothing easier than that!

In no case she’ll resist friendship with a man who will help her love herself. She will allow you to give gifts for her, pamper with pleasant surprises. Don’t demand the same attitude in return! A free woman will not tolerate any interference in her personal space, any pretensions. She will simply disappear from your life in search of someone who can only give, without asking anything in return!

– She does not take into account public opinion. A freedom-loving woman can easily say no. It does not have the concepts of “I must” or “I should not” in the lexicon. If one of the proposals defeats her, contradicts her, she will never agree to do so. Her “good girl” remained in her deep childhood, now she is an integral person who only trusts herself. If she wants to walk around the city in early spring in a light, transparent dress and a bunch of pearls around her neck – she will!

– She lives at her own pace. And you just have to follow this rhythm. She controls her load herself. And she has everything around her adapted to her way. An independent woman lives so as to do whatever she wants, but at the same time not to lose her taste for life. Precise calculation, well thought out plans, awareness of what and why she does it.

And what does a freedom-loving woman wish for?

She wishes for everything that will not hinder her freedom. But her desires are sometimes extravagant, wild, unpredictable. For example, she may demand to organize a silver firework display for her. After all, for her, money is a symbol of freedom.

Or, seeing in the newspaper (by turning it over the pages late in the evening) a new lipstick of attractive color, she may demand it right away!

Also, she may want to fly in the night sky among the rose petals, or see the Eiffel Tower from the roof of a neighboring house. She will not be at all interested in how you are going to do it, and for what money!

But still she dreams of an attractive appearance, chic breasts and other charms of worldly glamour. Indeed, external beauty is another proof of self-sufficiency and freedom. So, do not be surprised if one day she will demand to pay for the Swiss plastic surgery clinic. She just needed a new twist on her personal card of being, that’s it!

A freedom-loving women easily fall in love with the men passing near her, film actors, work colleagues. After all, love for them is only a bright spot on the regular time path! And she has time to put a lot of points! Therefore, you, a man who wants to idolize an independent woman, be with her, will have to strive to be able to convince her that you are the best with each her new love.

There are also family oriented women, and you may meet in our agency a lot of ladies who dream about family, they make up 40% of all the ladies on our site.

 The woman who dreams of a family. How is she?

– Sacrificial. She is ready to sacrifice her dreams, ambitions, opinions and thoughts on the altar of the family. She is ready to surround you with care, affection, warmth and her boundless love. She will give up for you her talent, her perspectives, her travels.

What does this woman want?

Psychologists say, and almost all women agree with them that the wives in their lives only dream of intimacy, gratitude and security.

Women who dream of a family want a romantic dinner among thousands of roses. They want poetry just like that, in the morning, in bed, they want to run with you in the rain, hug and dance barefoot on the spring grass. Women want to cook dinner with you and enjoy it until the morning!

Women are creatures that never go beyond childhood. A little girl still lives inside each of them, incredibly vulnerable and sensitive to each breath, a word, a look. They want to be taken care of. For a man, who will allow a woman to create, and not to pull everything on herself, like a horse, she is ready to give everything without return. “Warm” women want to be delighted with pleasant surprises, even the simplest, made in a fit of tenderness and love!

How strange a female creature is! Everything is illogical, subject to impulse, feeling, desire. But that’s precisely why you like her, right?

Hug her with your warmth, smile, love! After all, she deserves it! Indeed, it is in her eyes that you strive to look like a hero, a macho, a prince! But above all, remember that you – a man and a woman – are necessary for each other like air and light!

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