Some additional facts about the particularities of Ukrainian women’s character


In one of our articles, we explained the reasons for marrying a Ukrainian woman.

And now, we want to explain the main reasons that push Ukrainian women to look for a man abroad.

We hope that this information will help you make the right decision and find a woman you trust.

First of all, many of our women have money problems. They have no income, being virtually in financial slavery. If you take an average woman, she earns very little per month. Despite the high level of education, women often do not have the opportunity to find a job according to their professional level. Those who find opportunities for self-realization are faced with the problem of finding an appropriate partner.

met a womanIn recent years, a woman has tended to be accomplished professionally and only then to start a family. If you have met a woman who can do a lot of things in her job, that does not mean she will put her career first. Opinions can be shared, and we will not say so, but it should be noted that Ukrainian women have the quality to place family interests above professional interests. If you ask a woman to choose, if she has the opportunity to start a family with a partner, a career or a family worthy of the name, she could answer that the second would perfectly complement the first. Very often, Ukrainian women place the interests of family and children above their own or find the ideal solution, finding time and attention for their loved ones and not forgetting personal development.

The second reason women seek help from the international marriage agency is the unequal proportion of women and men. There are many more women in Ukraine than men, and eligible young men, there are even fewer. The demographic gap was created as a result of the wars. Vodka, drugs, risks and other factors do their job. As a result, the number of men decreases.

Thirdly, and this is the most important thing – the socio-cultural phenomenon – the “care pressure”: the pressure of friends, of the family, so that women get connected as quickly as possible in a relationship. And no matter the result. And the result may be different, since a large half of the population belongs to the middle class and, therefore, there are not many men who do not know what alcohol or cigarettes’ effects are.

And if we are talking about a woman’s motivation or willingness to follow her husband or partner in another country, we can see from our experience that often women whose professions are related to creativity or entrepreneurship integrate abroad faster and more easily than other women especially being supported by their second half.

Another interesting observation of foreign men about the particularities of the Ukrainian women.

“The availability of many Ukrainian girls starts at D + 1, that is, from the second day of dating or even later.” Perhaps it is due to the fact that there are emancipated women, they can be the first to offer intimacy. And in our country, a woman can not go from a date right into bed, because she says to herself, “And if the relationship will work and suddenly, he’ll think I’m a whore.” That is to say, she has an a priori complex.

In addition to some facts, we can add that Ukrainian women are very hard-working, intelligent and ready to develop the necessary qualities to create harmonious relationships. Many of these women are more likely to meet the other half with the help of marriage agencies rather than dating sites. And if you are looking for a woman who can create wonderful and harmonious relationships, we recommend the help of professionals in this field. The site contains profiles of women who have contacted a dating agency to meet a man, to create a serious and lasting relationship. If you think there are no women on the site that meet your search criteria, contact us via email or Viber and we will contact you. We can help you find a partner.

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