Service of personal assistance


Nowadays, international meetings and online dating become more and more
frequent, and women in Eastern countries are more open to new acquaintances
with foreign men.

This summer our agency offers you a special service for our customers –
service of personal assistance. What are the benefits of this service
during the period of your registration?

– Important points such as the perfect knowledge of the ladies – members of
the agency, their mentality and character can help you meet and communicate
with people who have the same goals and objectives as you.

-You will avoid misunderstandings caused by the difference of cultures and

-You will be able to better understand the mentality of your partner and
then conquer her heart.

Great wish to understand the mentality of the Russian or Ukrainian lady,
her desires, her mood and her humor will lead you to succeed in a beautiful
relationship or stable union. It is not simple enough that some men can
imagine, but I admit that it is possible and achievable. I have been doing
this job for years and it makes me happy to see the couples who are
forming, to know that they are happy. We try to do all the necessary in a
way  people who are looking for partner for beautifull and healthy
relationship could find him.

We are happy to attend to multiply your chances to succeed your approach to
find a woman for serious and lasting relationships.

*To access the personal assistance service, please select one of the

*Personal Assistance *

*1 week – 1 month of registration*

*320 euros*

*Terms and conditions:*

• The Agency remains available from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 6 pm
(local time), to provide advice or answer questions from the Client.

• The Agency discusses with the Client his specific case, his criteria and
his projects, and gives him the personal information on each member that
interests him to enable him to “target” the most appropriate profiles for
him, this goes beyond the photos and information of the ads on the site.

• The Agency presents to the Client the profiles of the ladies who are
interested and motivated to know him and who correspond to his search

• The Agency connects the Client with these ladies or the ladies selected
by the Client, proposing to choose the most suitable means of
communication, which will allow them to discover and get closer before the
actual meeting.

• The Agency keeps the Client regularly informed of inquiries from his
interlocutors about him, of their feelings regarding correspondence and
exchanges of photos;

• The Agency indicates, as and when the Client-Adherent relationship
develops, which of the ladies are most interested in the Client’s
application, and which are less convinced. This knowledge of mutual
interest will guide the Client in the right direction and help them make
the right choice knowingly.

• The Agency organizes video-meetings with the candidate (s)

• The personal counselor is at your disposal throughout the period of your
registration to guide you towards the creation of serious relations.

* additional services of communication

•         e-mail services include the exchange of letters between Client
(using his personal e-mail), and ladies presented by the Agency (using the
e-mail address of the Agency).

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