Age difference does it matter for your successful relationship?


Obviously, the subject of age difference is still one of the most topical. When it comes to choosing your future partner for the creation of a happy and lasting relationship, one wonders if our age difference would be a problem in the future or would it be favorable? We try to balance all the pros and cons before entering into a relationship with someone, especially when it comes to international meetings. This question does not have a concrete answer, because each case is very individual. To help you better understand what Ukrainian or Russian women think on this subject, we would like to share with you the opinions of the women in our Agency.

 On the one hand, why do Ukrainian women accept the age difference of 20 to 30 years?

We know that the big age difference – 20-30 years – is perceived in society in an extremely negative way. Such a union is considered short-lived, devoid of sincere feelings, based on financial gain. However, research shows that public opinion is very superficial about the situation. And Ukrainian girls are pretty calm about their partner’s age, preferring to trust their own feelings rather than other people’s advice.

When a man is older than a woman, it has great benefits at any age. His life experience, his status, his success allow him to create a strong family. And Ukrainian women are well aware of this. Such a man does not lose his head and soberly looks at problematic situations, realizing that these are temporary phenomena. And feelings, relationships are for life. And they always have the highest priority. This means that the marriage of a Ukrainian girl with such a man will be successful and happy.

Another interesting aspect. If both partners are over 30 to 35, the age difference becomes smaller and smaller. The difference of 5 to 10 years is usually invisible. And with a difference of 20 to 30 years, both partners feel it about half as much.

And most importantly: according to statistics, the life expectancy of a man married to a woman significantly younger than him increases by 20% compared to those who marry their peers. And if there is a big difference in age, there is almost always a high level of relationship satisfaction in a couple. There will be less jealousy and more trust. And it is simply wonderful! After all, Ukrainian women who apply to a marriage Agency and are ready to marry a foreigner really aspire to a long and happy life alongside their beloved man.

On the other hand, why do Ukrainian women accept the age difference of no more than 10 years?

When a Ukrainian woman is looking for her soul mate, she always thinks about how old he should be. Usually, they are not the same age partners. Men aged around 5 to 10 always have priority. Why exactly this difference turns out to be the most optimal:

– even who grew up in different countries, these partners have roughly the same life experience and the same interests;

– such a couple is almost always financially independent and can form relationships without the intervention of parents;

– as a woman and a man develop at different rates, it is with such a difference that they are best suited sexually;

– a man naturally assumes the role of leader in a relationship;

– a woman feels comfortable and protected.

Maturity, support in life, financial security, wisdom, life experience are invaluable qualities for Ukrainian women, easy to find in a man 5-7 years older. Such men consciously approach the creation of a family. They are more developed in terms of emotional intelligence. Which is particularly popular with Ukrainian girls.

For a woman who goes to a marriage Agency, it is very important that she finds her happiness in a relationship. Therefore, completing the questionnaire, she carefully thinks about all the wishes regarding the future partner. And when a man is not more than 10 years older than her, it is such a union that most often turns out to be successful and lasting!

In conclusion, we can say that opinions change over time and everyone has their own opinion. Let’s think about what is most important to you, because your choice, your own opinion matters! The success of your process is our success!

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