The difference between Slavic and European culture or how to avoid being scammed


It is true that Russian and Ukrainian women are very beautiful, that they have mostly kept traditional family values, although times change there are still a large number of women who seek to create long-term relationships and want to have a family.

The purpose of our agency is to introduce you to women whose tastes and plans are compatible with yours and to help you to move on to real meetings while avoiding the danger of being scammed.

Avoid these things  and you will avoid being scammed! 

Draw for yourself an idealistic image of Ukrainian or Russian woman – in case you are attracted by the profile and photos of beautiful women, make sure that the photos on the site are not far from reality. You may ask the woman to send the photo of her everyday life, invite her to a video communication to see who this person is, if she corresponds – it has the image of the woman you are looking for. These necessary things that are part of knowing a woman will help you avoid being disappointed when meeting her in person.

Compare a Russian or Ukrainian woman with your ex-girlfriends / wives. Would this technique work with some women you know in your country, destroying your communication and relationship with your future elected? You have to realize that Ukrainian women are fragile and have a rather romantic nature, all of this combines with their strong character and other qualities that you are going to be lucky to appreciate if you are a smart and patient man. 

Being too persistent and too passive. We have to find the right balance. Be yourself and you will win.

Compare yourself with other men, Ukrainians etc. Women in general do not like to compare her future partner with others … we are talking about women who seek serious and lasting relationships and not adventure. 

Talk about everything and nothing, not the both of you or your intentions together. Women who are family oriented and willing for a happy and lasting relationship will share the outlook on the common and happy future. Try to find out what his vision of a relationship is. The sincere woman will tell you about it and not avoid changing the subject.

Get the attention of everyone around you, flirt with other women while you meet. Well, some men will use this for some reasons… Western men often think that this technique will work with a woman, and we have to admit that these gentlemen are wrong while using this method which can destroy everything. There are lots of other interesting and helpful methods that will work in a positive way on relationship development. Wish to know which one is the most appropriated in your case? – contact your personal advisor and she will share with you the secrets of seduction of Russian or Ukrainian women.

Give money, gifts to impress your girlfriend. This can be used once you see that your lady shares your desire to develop a relationship and move forward into the happy and common future. Of course every case is unique and your time, your gifts or other kinds of attention will be appreciated by the lady at the right time.

Use a lot of jokes. Trying to please too much. Be yourself!

Touching her a lot may be a sign that you want to have sex right away. The woman who is looking for a man to start a couple will take you for the sex tourist.

Go to noisy places. For the first meeting it is better to find a comfortable atmosphere and not the nightclubs where there are many people.

With our advice, I can guarantee you that you are well on your way to seducing a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

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