The choice of an active man – a strong woman or a woman with a gentle character?


What is an ideal partner? The most important and only criterion is comfort when you are around. When you have a desire to share with her, when you can lean on her, when you have common values. Opposites are believed to converge. But this is true only when these opposite qualities complement each other harmoniously. For example, if a man is active and strong. What should be his partner?

The first option that immediately asks for is a soft, flexible woman who knows how to adjust. In such a family, a man will be like a pivot, like a support. And a woman can easily smooth out sharp corners, create comfort and warmth of the hearth. They will be the perfect couple, where two people are incredibly different and together they are very harmonious.

But does this mean that a strong woman has no place next to an active man? Not at all! A strong woman always clearly knows what she wants, and at the same time knows how to get it from the world. She inspires admiration and respect, but at the same time she acts in her own, feminine ways. And this is her amazing charm that conquers men’s hearts. There will be a bright, beautiful woman next to an active man. And together they will make up the couple that others will admire. And they will complement each other precisely in the ways of interacting with the world.

For family life, one of the most important qualities is temperament. It is this that we must take into account when selecting suitable partners. And many questions of the questionnaire are aimed precisely at finding out what kind of temperament you have, and what will be comfortable for you with your partner. After all, the option is possible when two bright, emotional people live well together for many years, and give each other a lot of positive emotions. And no less often there is an option when a temperamental partner best builds a relationship with a balanced and calm person. Both options are fairly common. Therefore, our individual approach to everyone is a guarantee that you will not waste time on obviously inappropriate options.

The second important component of a happy family life is mental flexibility. It would seem that there is nothing special here. But this is actually a very important quality. This is the ability to hear a partner, his point of view. And the ability not to criticize, but to find positive moments and voice them. And the desire to look for new ways of interaction, especially in some kind of conflict situations. When both partners have this flexibility, this is almost guaranteed success for living together. Your main task is to be as honest as possible in your desires. And we will make sure that these wishes come true as quickly as possible.

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