Interview or some important things to know about your future partner


For our clients men we suggest some questions that could be important in case when both wish to continue and develop relationship, some of them we ask ladies before confirmation of thier registration on our website:

1. Have you seriously thought about life abroad?
2. Do you plan on improving your education abroad?
3. Are you making an effort to learn English (or any foreign language)?
4. Do you prefer life in a city or the country?
5. Are you good at budgeting/spending money wisely?
6. Do you go infor sports?
7. Do you like reading?
8. Are you ready to move to the country where your future partner live?
9. Can you be married in less than a year?
10. Do you enjoy learning about other cultures?
11. (in case where a lady has a child, children) do you have full custody of your child, children and could you easily leave Ukraine without any legal problems?
12. Do you prefer life in a small city or a big city?
13. Do you have any family or friends in the abroad?
14. Do you prefer home life or going to discos and clubs?
15. Do you want to work or stay home when you have a family?
16. Are you concerned about any language or cultural barriers?
17. Do you plan on improving your education in Kharkov?
18. Do you think it is important that a man and a woman have everything in common to be together?

They are just some questions from the big list we have and suggest to ask your future partner. Due to the help of our our counselor relationship you may be sure about making right choice and seriousness and motivation of the chosen lady to be engaged for lasting and healthy relationship with you.
For more details or questions concerning ladies of your selection before to meet them, please contact us

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