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Our city offers several possibilities to spend pleasant moments in different establishments. Kharkov will impress you with the places where you will discover the gastronomy of the best cuisines in the world. Cafes and restaurants are numerous and at any budget.

To have a good impression of the city and impress your encounters, you can go to gastronomic places of Kharkov which attract its visitors by its thematic interior and a warm atmosphere, for example, places with limited budget such as Testov, Pouchka, Paris , or luxury places, for example Nikas, Chateau or Osteria il Tartufo.

The most beautiful restaurant in the city is called Nikas. He is the most distinguished, the most popular, we can meet the beautiful ladies who take selfies on the terrace. This famous place is in the heart of the city.

To have a feeling of being at the seaside, welcome to the restaurant Don Omar, where you will discover all kinds of seafood, different kinds of fish, the choice of dishes is quite variable, the prices are more expensive than in other places. Gourmands and aesthetes appreciate this restaurant.

Also worth mentioning is the Château restaurant next to the opera with French cuisine as its name suggests and where there are many French specialties! Here you will share your taste of French cuisine to your knowledge. At Chateau restaurant, you can taste oysters from Brittany in the middle of Kharkov. As well as the Rossini tournedos and other good French dishes. It is a very famous place of the art of living!

Osteria il Tartufo specializes in Italian cuisine, with seafood and fish, cheese that comes from Italy, live music, prices are supported.

If you want to combine the rustic outdoor restaurant, Georgian cuisine and romantic ballads aboard a small boat, the Melnitsa restaurant offers it all.

Goa Indian Restaurant is very welcoming with a guaranteed Indian ambiance. India-Palace is more sumptuous and offers Indian and European cuisine.

The Koritza restaurant is equally charming and at moderate prices, the mushroom soup and meats have made its reputation.

The Panorama restaurant with a pleasant live music is well known and very popular by lovers of romantic music evenings.

We also organize excursions to the Golf Club, which saw among its guests Serena Williams. We can also mention the club Misto where there is the swimming pool, the restaurant, the bowling, everything to spend pleasant time. You can find a Spa area, massages at Arcada, Tradition. In addition, there are clubs outside the center of the city. If you love nature and rest in the open lakeside, then Baden-Baden is for you. Also you can visit Arizona, there is an outdoor pool, sunbeds and the atmosphere is more relaxing.

Nasha Datcha is located next to a forest and has a large garden. The food is good, especially the traditional varenyki. This restaurant is worth seeing. Not to mention the Shevchenko Park, Central Park or Gorky Park with its shaded walkways, the rides, a lake and a selection of restaurants.

Thus, according to your desires you can choose an inspiring place for your meetings.

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