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We will be glad to help you with advice and to answer all your questions from the moment of registration till the moment of finding your Perfect Match. We remind you that the registration is free and all our advices concerning ladies serve to guide you to meet your beautiful partner. We ask you to be patient because our work takes time to find a good match for you. Since we are not in supermarket to buy fruits) And this is a very delicate question. We respect a lot your precious time and ask you to be respectful to our work.
We may prove that every man who was serious about his wish to find a special lady, could find her using our help. Not only men but also women who cooperated with us, who were patient and understood our big work and time we spend to help them, could find a good match.

Our main difference from some other agencies or web pages is our great wish to see people happy and help them to find a partner for a beautiful relationship. Therefore, if by occasion you find our name on internet, for example, our name is mentioned on other web pages or resources, you may be sure, that they already know we are strong enough and very professional in our work of matchmakers.
We cooperated with one of the agencies in Kharkov, the reason of stopping our work is simple – the competition. We decided to become independent. Time will show who is the best… I would tell these words if I was a man, but beeing woman I prefer to keep all the qualities given me by nature. I must admit, it is not so easy to keep them nowdays in the world which is very competitive. I don’t like to prove someting by fighting, I prefere another way, the way of LOVE. That’s why I choose this word for creating the site Loveandmarraige.com.ua .

More then 15 years , I have been working as interpreter and wish to continue this activity which is very important and help people from different countries to meet. I could find out lot of people, all of them are very different and unique in their own way. Many people were able to meet and become more happier, become better, to progress to develop and realised that the quality of our life depends on us. I firmly beleive that there will be always people who may need our assitance and help and we can make this world better together.

I will be glad to meet you personally in Kharkov and look if we may help you in your search. If yes, and everyone is agree : you as well as ladies, we provide all necessary services you to meet a good lady. Or, there are cases when in our agency there are no ladies who will match you, then we make a special searh of a lady which usually takes 1 or 5 days or we suggest you another agency, where you will probably find your lady. But attention! there are lot of agencies in Kharkov, and all of them have different specialisation, and all have an individual way of work. The main important thing for you is to be sure about your step, have a strong wish and firm desision to find a lady for beautifull relationship and we are always here to help you!!!
Best wishes Elena, founder of loveandmarriage.com.ua and loveinua.com

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