The quarantine continues


Ukraine and the world continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Many countries are extending quarantine due to the spread of COVID-19.

The Ukrainian government, by its decree, tightened the containment regime in the country. Since April 6, additional measures have been introduced to ensure public safety and limit social activity:

  • in public places, it is imperative to wear a mask or a respirator;
  • it is allowed to move along the street in groups of 2 people maximum, except for the need to accompany children;
  • children under the age of 14 cannot be in public places not accompanied by parents;
  • it is forbidden to visit parks, squares, forest parks and coastal recreation areas, children’s and sports grounds;
  • the number of passengers in public transport is limited by the number of seats;
  • at the entrances to the region, checkpoints are established to check the health of all travelers;
  • visitors and staff of service and commercial establishments must be wearing protective masks; the number of people inside should not exceed 1 person per 10 m².

People over the age of 60, who are the most at risk age group, should stay at home until a cancellation of containment. If there is no one to care for them, it is allowed to go to the grocery store or pharmacy no more than 2 km from the house. They can also walk pets.

Being in quarantine, many people experience emotional decline. Such a reaction of the body is normal if a person is forced to change his usual lifestyle against his own will. In such a situation, it is better to give yourself time to adapt, then try to find something interesting and useful in the circumstances. Quarantine is a good time to remember long forgotten plans. For example, one could start learning a new language, try drawing, embroidering or learning to play a musical instrument, and start blogging. Gadgets offer tremendous opportunities: you can read books, see webinars, watch plays, take online visits to various museums. Here is an example of the quarantine of Ukrainian women:

“Hello! And as the quarantine continues and the circumstances of stay become interesting there, I would like to share my impressions. I calmly and gratefully accept the situation given to us. I hope that in the coming weeks, we will take everything calmly, find useful solutions, if necessary, and we will support each other and our children. So, what does this situation give me and what good can I see in it: I really like helping my child to master knowledge in all subjects. Thanks to the teachers who support us online! What we learned in the first weeks of life in the new conditions: carrying out various experiments during natural science lessons: we now know how to plant beans and not only), then history, of course, is a subject very interesting and its study is very relevant at the moment. Now, I want to devote more and more time precisely to this study. Foreign language lessons train the brain and make it more flexible), … there are many advantages, but I still have to find the time to accomplish my work tasks and to relax in the fresh air, which is very lacking in the city and in the four walls … We hope that three weeks in such conditions will be fun and interesting, we will learn a lot and we will be calm and steadfast. Have a nice day and good mood !!! We follow the example of children and share life hacks)”

If you are at home, this does not mean that you are completely isolated. You can communicate with friends over the phone and try to choose topics that are not related to the coronavirus. Human being cannot do without communication. Thus, new emotions, impressions associated with new relationships that may help to cope with loneliness. Perhaps now it’s time for dating a future partner, communication and building a new life. 

We, the Loveinua team and the women registered with the agency are not discouraged and are trying to devote this time to ourselves and our loved ones, which does not always work in regular time outside quarantine, because of the overcharge on the work. At the same time, the Loveinua team continues to work in special online coworking so that many-many people will realize their dream now or in the near future. Online communication is what you need at this moment. And this opportunity is provided to all who wish to change their lives for the better. And who knows, maybe as a result of simple communication with an unknown Ukrainian woman, something more meaningful can happen and it will turn into love or passion. But to help fate find your soul mate, YOU, men must always be proactive and do not delay to take your first step at once! Act now and luck will be on your side!

Keep in touch and remain united in the fight against the common challenges of our time and hope for the best!

We wish you good health and take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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