Why should you trust us and what do you gain from our services?


What methods have you already tried in the hopes of meeting your other half? In the era of the Internet, it is so easy to put a profile on the local or international dating site and wait for the moment  a lady finds it and text you. But how successful will your subsequent in-person encounters be? How often does virtual communication turn into something more than just communication? Is the following face-to-face meeting become the last? How many virtual relationships do still hang around the Internet? How important is it for you to create a relationship with a girl from Ukraine

What do you expect from meeting the beautiful half who lives thousands of kilometers away from you?

That is why, if you are serious about your future, then our marriage Agency is not just a smart choice. This is a real chance to find a long-term, stable and healthy relationship.

What are the main principles of Loveinua marriage Agency?

 – Security. We check each of our female members during the interview in Kharkov in our office located at 42 at Plekhanivska street, the girls take the interview twice, first with a psychologist who tries to see their registration goals and then with the Head of the Agency. During the interview we try to see if the woman is ready to have relations with a western man and her language level. Once the exam is passed, we allow the lady’s profile to be posted on our reliable dating site. Mandatory verification of each customer guarantees security, the absence of fraudsters and scammers.

– Confidentiality. All information of each of our members remains confidential.

– A professional approach in the preselection of potential partners in order to achieve maximum compatibility of objectives and interests. So, we remain available and pay our attention to applicants determined to create a family.

What do you obtain by choosing our Agency?

Assistance in communication with ladies from Ukraine: the presence of an interpreter, the organization of real and quality meetings, consultations of a psychologist and a matchmaker throughout your search, paperwork for prepare a visa or a trip of the lady to your country.

– Support at all stages of communication, since all employees of our matchmaking Agency have tremendous experience in building relationships between foreign men and women from Ukraine.

– Cost savings, since all costs go exclusively to verified and selected applicants.

– Saving time, since unpromising dates are basically eliminated at the initial stage.

– The guaranteed result is a successful meeting with a woman for a serious and happy relationship.

Today, the probability of finding a man or woman alone in a metropolis or simply in a large city does not exceed 5%. That is why success in personal life directly depends on active actions.

Contact our marriage Agency now to create a stable and happy relationship with the charming and beautiful Ukrainian or Russian woman.

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