Perfect woman …. does she exist in real life ?


Perfect woman.

Ideal woman.


Whatever the notion, the question remains the same: does this woman exist?

The imagination about the perfect woman makes you dreaming. You have always been looking for her,  your unique flower in the middle of the desert. To seek her without ever finding it would be a fault. And how can you recognize a perfect woman either she exists?

From our side, we are ready to guide you towards this Rare Pearl, relying on extensive experience in the matchmaking industry we would highlight very common qualities that men appreciate in women. Here are thirteen qualities.

1. Intelligence … 

Behind every great man, there would be a great woman … The woman sees and understands things differently, her vision of things is practically essential to your balance. Having a girlfriend who understands what you are going through, who can discuss different issues with you, it’s great, a woman with whom you can make a great team, a beautiful couple.

2. Beauty.

Beauty is different for everyone. But you have to find it pretty, men are attracted by what they see in the first place. Whether you like it or not, this is a determining criterion. Beauty is a quality that men like to appreciate.

3. Kindness.

 Sharing your life with someone who is rude or complacent is unbearable. Kindness is one of the basic options !! Without kindness, the rest loses its appeal.

4. The joy of living.

Life can be monotonous and full of pitfalls. Imagine when the person who shares your life is extinct, lifeless? A lively woman, full of energy and who loves adventure, it is an injection of happiness every day.

5. She knows how to love, and is not afraid to love.

When a woman is in love, her whole being is in love. An injured woman who no longer wants to love is sad. If you find a woman who loves you, you have received the greatest gift the Universe can give you.

6. The opening.

A relationship requires compromise. Finding an open-minded woman willing to compromise is important, but you must do it just as much as she does.

7. It makes you feel good, Home Sweet Home.

With it, you know that you are exactly where you need to be, and nowhere else.  If you see in her eyes your reflection, it is that you have found the perfect place with her.

8. She feels good about herself, comfortable with her body.

All men dream of a woman who is good with herself, who is radiant. A woman who feels good about herself is also generally more sexual. Men like that.

9. Strength and softness.

A blend of strength, determination and femininity. A female woman is … a woman! A strong woman is also a woman. The two qualities are not contradictory,, they can co-exist.

10. Passion.

Being able to make the flame and passion last, despite everyday life. A woman who masters this art is an invaluable treasure. Passion is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

11. She has one or more objectives.

No matter what the goal is in life, you are not there to judge her but you want her to have a goal, a promising project, something that drives the future. Living without goals is a relationship doomed to failure.

12. You can no longer do without her, she is endearing, charismatic. Her presence, her personality makes your days! You cannot imagine your  life without her and you are fully aware of it. You want to make her happy because she makes you happy.

13. She knows how to recognize the fact that her ideality is thanks to herself and also to the people who helped her to “grow up”

Yes, there are other things that you can look for as qualities in a woman, but it’s already a good start if you recognize some qualities among these 13.

Will you be the perfect man for your ideal woman or will she become your gem, completely dependent on your common desire to be in a relationship and on your common goals? It’s a great daily job where the result often depends on both. 

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