Why Ukrainian women make their choice in favor of European men


Stereotypes and reality.

When a Ukrainian woman decides to contact a marriage agency, she realizes that her future husband will be very different from Ukrainian men. But these differences will only be good for the relationship. What is this that attracts Ukrainian women so much?

1. Household management. Historically, in Ukraine, a woman does all the housework and a man consumes only the results. And that’s why women often try to impress the European groom with a dozen different dishes and the perfect house. Whereas for Europeans, the division of household chores into “female” and “male” is not so critical. The relationship and the fact that the chosen one is happy next to them is more important to them.

2. Maintaining decency in public. While Ukrainian men always easily state what they dislike, Europeans are less likely to show their conflicts in front of other people. They similarly remain polite and helpful, and will clarify every nuance of their personal life in private. They prefer don’t expose the details of the relationship to all neighbors, acquaintances or even strangers. And that’s correct, because any relationship is only about two. Indeed, politeness is both respect for others and respect for the one you have chosen.

3. Age. While it is customary for Ukrainians to brag about their young wives, Europeans do not seek to arouse envy among those around them. They choose as wives equally their peers, and women with an adequate age difference. The point is that they choose a person to live together, and not model parameters and a beautiful face. After all, the appearance will change, and the affinity of souls is a guarantee that the marriage will be strong and long.

4. Lack of bragging rights. Ukrainian men compared to women are divided into two types: either a superman next to a gentle helpless creature, or a typical couch resident next to a woman who hangs out the whole family. Europeans will not allow any of the options in their marriage. They will act in liaison, as partners. Without humiliating a woman and without trying to outdo her in anything. They will honestly say the loan is too expensive and will not go to a restaurant if the family budget is exploding. They will not prioritize bragging, but relationships. And they will work to preserve and strengthen them.

Of course, each of these factors can be overstated, but European men who come to the Marriage Agency think about their future and that of their chosen one first. And therefore, they are the best candidates for Ukrainian women who want to create a loving family in which there is peace and quiet.

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