Why do women choose for men who have children?


There is a famous phrase: a man with a child is invaluable for a new relationship. Surprisingly, but it’s true. What are the advantages for a future marriage of a man who already has children?

His relationship with his ex-wife and children from a previous marriage is an excellent indicator of possible problems, or on the other hand, their absence. The way he communicates with his ex-wife. The way he brings up his children. His involvement to their lives and his emotional capability show his character features that otherwise might not have been recognized.

Such a man is well aware of the value of marriage and the consequences of mistakes in relationships. Of course, he also wants his new bride to be smart and beautiful. But at the same time, he appreciates the comforts of home, open relationships, warmth and an atmosphere of intimacy more than men who do not have children.

A man with a child is a person who knows how to protect and care for. Therefore, even during the first communication, a woman easily understands that she will be safe with him. Not only her, but the other members of their family will always receive the help and support they need.

Another important factor is life experience, which allows such a man to immediately see the potential of his future chosen one. He sees more deeply, he knows how to draw analogies and look at perspective. It is the experience of raising a child that gives these invaluable skills. Therefore, a man with children better understands the inner needs of his future wife and knows how to support her passions and efforts. Union with such a man is very harmonious. The two partners grow and develop there. And such a relationship is doomed to success in advance.

Obviously, a man’s children say that he has had some negative experience in personal relationships. But if a man is looking for a new life partner, it means he is really ready for a new relationship, he knows exactly what he wants. This is a purposeful person who owns everything necessary for his new marriage to be happy and successful!

Age difference.

Why do Ukrainian women accept the age difference of no more than 10 years?

When a Ukrainian woman is looking for her soul mate, she always thinks about how old he should be. Usually, they are not peers. Men aged around 5-10 are always given priority. Why exactly this difference turns out to be the most optimal:

– even though they grew up in different countries, these partners have roughly the same life experience and the same interests;

– such a couple is almost always financially independent and can relate without the intervention of parents;

– as a woman and a man develop at different rates, it is with such a difference that they are best suited to each other on the sexual level;

– a man naturally assumes the role of leader in a relationship;

– a woman feels comfortable and protected.

Maturity, support in life, financial security, wisdom, life experience are invaluable qualities for Ukrainian women, easy to find in a man 5-7 years older. Such men consciously approach the creation of a family. They are less exposed to emotional behavior. Which is particularly appreciated by Ukrainian women.

For a woman who comes to the Marriage Agency, it is very important that she finds what she is happy about in a relationship. For this reason, when filling out the questionnaire, she carefully thinks about all her wishes about the future partner. So, if a man is 10 years older than her, it is such a union that most often turns out to be successful and strong!

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