Your best plan to seduce Russian or Ukrainian women.


Today there are many videos and text headings that speak of the different types of women on international dating sites and multiple ways of their seductions, we would like to present our own opinion on this question.

First of all, there should be noted that any professional matchmaking agency that any professional matchmaking agency  with a high reputation will have this section as well as several others by presenting dating stories, talking about the types of relationship between men and women and love stories, of course)

Well, the most important questions of our agency clients for a few last years remain:

  • the question of seduction of women,
  • the question of women’s sincerity and their seriousness in the search for relations with European, American men.

What can be said about your chances of winning the hearts of Ukrainian women? What seduction plan could we offer you? Obviously, each case is individual in this delicate matter. It’s not worth a rush with that question and we will be careful at least in the case of Ukrainian women. What’s the reason? I will answer you frankly this question as well as many others in more detail, because your understanding of this problem is a crucial key to success with a lady as well as your great wish to obtain the desired result! And here professional help from a personal assistant of our agency who care of our clients: men and women may be very useful. In order to be aware better with your chances of successfully meeting with a Ukrainian or Russian lady and know what to expect from the process before registering on our website, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the culture of our country.

These are cultural and historical differences that attract many men and make them think about looking for Slavic women. Very often men are ready in advance for all the possible surprises they may come across thousands of kilometres from their house, where everyone speaks a different language. It turns out later that the customs and different mentalities are completely opposed to the lifestyles of their society. We have noticed that men who adapt easily and are ready to “play by the rules” of the young lady, they succeed more fast among Ukrainian women are their compatriots. Why? And how do you recognize success? How do you know if a woman is capable of accepting your rules of the game? How long does it take you to get the desired result? You will be able to find out that during our online conversation and you will receive the answers to all your questions, but for now, we will not be distracted from the subject and will continue to familiarize you with these “rules” to better engage in the Game.

It must be said that recently, cultural differences have reduced and become less visible. In the modern world, it becomes more and more difficult to surprise us with something new, and yet, so many countries, so many different cultures. And we have to note that many men do not cease to be surprised by certain peculiarities of the character and the behavior of their elected representatives, some in the good sense of the term and some on the other hand …

The most frequently asked questions by our male customers.

Why do Ukrainian women constantly talk about money? Perhaps you have the impression that they still think about it and that they are materialistic. But we can assure you that they are unlikely to see you as someone they are only waiting for funding from. As you well know, the women of our agency seek above all a man, and only then, financial help from you, as from a partner with whom she will be in a relationship. So by asking such questions, often jokingly, the woman is looking at you and trying to understand what kind of person you are. Everyone knows that Ukrainian women are intelligent and educated, hardworking and responsible at the same time. They are able to adapt to their partner and in relationships, they are ready to work as a team, to give themselves completely and to invest in relationships with the man she chooses as a worthy partner. Therefore, you’d better take these questions on the bright side, especially if you love this woman and see other good features in her. In order to know your lady at heart better, try to accept her rules of the game. And believe me, this is the best way to discover all the advantages and disadvantages, which will help you make a good decision in choosing of the perfect half.

The second but not least problem that worries many men is a woman’s question: Is he ready to accept her child and does he understand full responsibility for his decision? Because a child also requires additional finances … Why do Ukrainian women talk about it constantly and why a man should take it into account. Indeed, relatively to many men, and we agree to this fact: a man, aspiring to create a serious relationship, realizes that his role is not only the responsibility of the woman, but also of her child, and the side financier falls on his shoulders in case of making this important decision regarding the creation of a happy couple. Women are often concerned about such a question for 2 reasons – the first thing is the former partners were not ready to take the financial responsibility, the second reason is the image created by the media for men looking for Ukrainian women who come from abroad. This image is often not quite positive and gives the impression that men are mercantile and dishonorable, often relying on short-term relationships. In any case, women rely on their intuition and rely only on themselves, trying to get to know you better. This is well explained by the great independence of Ukrainian women, as well as by the habit to be better safe than sorry. All these feminine qualities are the result of a difficult life in Ukraine, where you have to rely on yourself to survive. From the above, female unpredictability ensues, which results in questions and actions that can cause you to be perplexed.

Many other problems surprise both men and women. That’s why, Sirs, a personal assistant service has been created: to help you to choose the most compatible partner and resolve the possible contradictions.

Many men are surprised that the first meetings take place in a cafe or restaurant, often during a meal. Why is this so and not at the office? And what are the advantages of having a meeting in a comfortable place?

Slavic women are romantic in nature, and your invitation to meet in a friendly cafe, with a warm atmosphere, good music, will be a pleasant surprise for them. The lady may be delighted to introduce you to the specialties of Ukrainian cuisine. In Kharkov, the masters of the culinary arts will surprise you with their masterpieces, and believe me, each establishment has its own special recipe for the dish of the same name. Many women believe the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Do not be surprised if the woman invites you one day to her dinner. The woman can invite you to her home on condition that contact is established between you. Of course, this can happen after your second meeting with her in Kharkov or after several meetings, you never know. Ukrainians are hospitable and sincere people, sometimes the first meeting may seem brighter and more intense than the following, or vice versa, rather cold, and the woman is not very open. We can insist on a second meeting if, after our conversation with the woman, we understand that she is determined to continue your acquaintance. You can believe me, there is no general rule of the first meeting, because you have to take into account the character traits and education of the lady, her level of education. We could talk to you about your compatibility and the likelihood of creating a good relationship between you, when you are still choosing a lady of heart before your personal meeting in Kharkov.

What else can surprise a man by meeting and getting to know a Ukrainian woman? Your first date went well, at the end of lunch or dinner, men and women have a sensitive moment on the payment. A woman is ready to share the bill if it is a business meeting, but according to Ukrainian traditions and etiquette, if a woman is invited to the restaurant by a man, then she expects that the man will pay a bill. There is a category of women who do not respect the etiquette rules and can offer to participate in the payment. Likewise it may happen that a woman will leave the meeting place if she doesn’t like something. The cases may be different. Again, our agency assistance would be very useful from this point of view and we offer our support to make your meeting as pleasant and successful as possible.

With the development of the tourism industry, many women have more opportunities to visit different countries and today it is unlikely that you will meet a woman who haven’t been abroad yet and who does not have a passport.  This can happen with women from very small towns and villages.

Many women know the customs and traditions, the cultures of different countries and are open to cultural exchanges. Obviously, you can share with her the customs of your country and talk with her about what she can  be awaiting in your country. In the end, when she makes a choice in your favor, she will have to accept your rules and adapt to a new life in your country.

Certainly, the period of time spent in Ukraine, you can consider as an interesting vacation with an unusual hobby and a friendly atmosphere that will temporarily distract you from your worries and allow you to live an unforgettable experience of acquaintance and communication with cute creatures, very feminine and sensual!

We hope this information will help you win the favor of Ukrainian women. It is no secret if the interests and objectives of the two partners coincide, relations become more and more beautiful.

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