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Dear friends, lately we are increasingly faced with the fact that men and women are skeptical about finding a partner for a happy relationship.

This unwillingness or passive position of many wonderful people to have a happy relationship is explained by many reasons, which we will talk about in one of our articles, but they have a solution, and our task is to help YOU!

Today, this number is also decreasing with the pandemic. But we remain positive and our forecast for the end of this year is to create happy couples!

Our experience shows that your strong desire and your motivation become the most important factors in your search. And 99 percent of those wishing to create strong and happy relationships get this opportunity using our services.

What plan of your actions do we offer YOU to realize your great desire?

1) Determine the goal: Ask yourself honestly: 

Why do you wish to find your other half in Ukraine? 

What are the reasons for your search?

What do you expect from looking for a woman in Ukraine? 

What kind of woman do you wish to meet?

What kind of relationship do you expect to have with Ukrainian or Russian lady?

 When do you wish to start your search?

 How much time do you need to realize your goal? 

How much time are you ready to invest to achieve your goal?

What budget do you plan to invest in this project?

2) Once you determine your goal and you are motivated – creating a happy and long-term relationship, you may think about criteria of search?  Several important criteria should be noted here. They will help in making the right choice.

Physical attractiveness, how important is this aspect to you? Your individual preferences play an important role, but do not forget that often, by looking for a certain type or focusing on a certain look, you pass up the opportunity to meet a truly Best Match.

    What personal qualities do you want to see in your chosen one? The answer to this question will help you gain time and appreciate the girl’s merits before meeting her in person, thus focusing on candidates with whom the likelihood of creating a relationship is high enough.

   The profession or field of activity of your chosen one. This can be noted as criterion number 2, since the possibility of a girl’s realization in your country, her ability to adapt to a new environment and integrate as quickly as possible depends on this. No matter what she wants to do. From our practice, the greatest success in creating happy and lasting relationships has been with couples where the girls felt successful here. We are not talking about emancipated and independent women. Often these are girls with a wonderful combination of qualities such as femininity, soulfulness and a strong inner core. As you know, it is these qualities that help women achieve success in creating relationships with a man.

And finally, the emotional intelligence of your future sweetheart and your emotional intelligence are essential for the success of your future union. Indeed, all the components play for success: your psychological and physical compatibility as well as your talent to manage your emotions.

Interests and hobbies, socio-cultural activity, spiritual level, education, sexuality, social level, values and lifestyle also play an important role and are taken into account when composing the portrait and choosing a partner, but these are all secondary factors that can change over the course of life, and to which you can always adapt if there are mutual feelings.

3) Feel free to contact us +380634055479 Elena 


The search plan can be improved and suggested for your individual case!

We are always happy to answer your questions and help you!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Best wishes!

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