How to distinguish a serious woman from a piggy bank girl?


Party companion, piggy bank girl – surely everyone knows this type of girl. Looks great. She gives the impression of caring for you and your life. It will be comfortable for you to spend time with her, spend evenings, dinners, and various walks together, where only her interests are visible, but she will in no case follow you in your desire to create a happy family with children, with family dinners, romantic getaways for two, and a host of other things that you hope for from her as a woman in your life.

How you distinguish a serious woman from a windy girl who wants a relationship without obligation:

1. The very first clear sign of her serious intentions are direct statements about it. Would you listen to her with attention, ask questions about plans for the future, and while conversation watch her reaction to your vision of projects. All these little things are important. And feel free to ask her questions you think important for the first dating! Don’t waste time with girls looking only for a man’s wallet.

2. The second no less important point is the time that the girl devotes to work, career, personal development, and self-realization. A very fine line may  be felt. After all, an infantile person who dreams of getting married and staying at home is not your option. But a woman for whom a career is more important than a family is also not what is needed. Ideally, if the girl is passionate about work, open to new things and is ready to invest in relationships, in creating home comfort, in raising children.

3. Desire to help, not just accept help. If a girl perceives you as a fairly close friend, if she has tender feelings for you, then she, without hesitation, will come to the rescue when you get sick or find yourself in a difficult situation. Then she will surround you with care until she is sure that everything is fine with you. The hunter of your finances will avoid any help and will prefer to wait until you can fully devote your time to her. But at the same time, she will gladly accept expensive gifts, she expects that you will pay for joint trips. The most important thing for you is to see that the woman is willing to accept your help and at the same time contribute to your relationship.

4. Her attitude towards other men and her way of dealing with them. A frivolous woman will perceive any man as a potential partner. This will be seen in her behavior, in her opinion, in flirting and active reaction to attempts to get to know each other. This will make you feel that the woman is not 100% attracted to you during the date. You watch her behavior and see how she “scans” the environment, as if she was evaluating each man. If one or more of these things happen, think about the future of your relationship. It is very likely that she spends time with you only for the sake of some benefit, known only to her.

Pay attention, listen to your heart and you will not go wrong. Therefore, if you start your search with a serious marriage agency, you will avoid frauds. You will get to know quality women and enter into communication with girls who directly declare their intention to start a family and are ready to invest in real relationships. Do not forget about the other benefits that await you when you sign up with a reputable dating agency.

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