Nothing prevents you from being happy!


The history of Ukraine and Russia has been full of international love stories for hundreds of years, and even today the beauty of Ukrainian women does not cease to attract foreign men. Seduced by the beauty of women, their charm and their intelligence, Western men are ready to travel thousands of kilometers to find a rare pearl. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Women as well as men want to be happy and each person sees it in their own way and my professional experience as a translator, coach and director of the marriage agency confirms it. It’s obvious that not everyone is open to international meetings, which are gaining popularity nowadays. But those who see the meaning and are ready to invest in a happy relationship will admit that it’s an unforgettable experience!

So … finding happiness in a faraway land with someone from a different culture and a different mindset, is that really possible in our time?

We interviewed a few participants who agreed to answer our questions and share with us their visions on this subject. Often reserved and not talking too much about their feelings, they all yearn for a beautiful relationship.

One of our guests, Katerina.

  • Hello Katiya? Why did you decide to contact the agency? You are a very attractive, educated girl who has a good job, who is well-off and who probably doesn’t complain about the lack of male attention?)
  • Hello Elena, I am grateful for your kind words and for inviting me to this interview. You know, in our time there are a lot of women like me, who are beautiful and intelligent, autonomous, able to be independent, having a good job and enough suitors… I have noticed that with the pace of life we live in, I can’t find time for my personal life and my loved ones. Everything that happens only meets the needs of society. Every day I set tasks, I strive to implement them. After I finish, I get the result, I wait for the approval of the boss, clients, parents. I’m running… we’re running somewhere, I feel rushed… time is running out and I want to meet a man so badly, you could feel really happy, I can tell. Someone who would understand me half-heartedly, who would be happy to become a father and husband without being afraid of being together and close in this difficult world, of overcoming obstacles, of looking to the future, of being able to enjoy small things and to be supported in all situations.
  • And why therefore an international agency? Wouldn’t a woman as smart and beautiful as you be to find a man in your country?
  • You know, there have always been enough suitors, and I think it’s okay when a woman is interested by the opposite sex, I can say the same thing about men, but if we’re talking about choosing a partner to create a relationship, and in my case I really want to have a family so it should come from the wish of two partners, and each should understand the responsibility and be ready to work on the relationship, at the moment I haven’t had a chance to meet one such person in Kharkov, so I tried to multiply my chances and ask for your assistance in this delicate matter). Hope you will help me soon).
  • What does a relationship mean to you? There is a theory of 7 types of relationships and love… What kind of relationships would you like to create and are you willing to work on the relationship more than the partner?
  • I believe that nature has put everything we need in this regard. A woman is simply obliged to preserve a multifaceted, interesting, feminine woman, in order to fulfill herself as a wife and mother, and not only as an employee or careerist according to her goals which in the end do not bring her a moral satisfaction and she becomes a predator, suppressing everyone who gets in her way… it is very important to find in this world the person who will want to help me to remain a woman. Naturally, in our time it has become quite complicated to find a suitable partner, due to the lack of free time and the fact that in our country, it was so historically, there have always been fewer men. And those who are capable of professional fulfillment aren’t in a rush to get married.
  • What is love? … Each person has their own definition of love, someone believes that there is no love, but that there is only evidence of love …
  • I don’t agree with that. For me, love is forgiveness, acceptance, that’s something we don’t come to right away. It’s a way and everyone has their own. And I believe that after meeting this person that we’d like to be happy with together, we’ll understand it or feel it on an intuitive level.
  • You currently have a fairly interesting situation, a job, a circle of acquaintances, friends, your parents, are you ready for changes and move to another country, where everything will be new to you and maybe you should all start over ? Will you be comfortable living in an environment where there’ll be no relatives or close friends?
  • Why won’t there be? My parents and friends are always with me, we are in touch with them and in our age of new technologies distance is not an issue. Besides, next to me will be a loved one with whom we will sail in the same boat? After all, a family is created for the purpose of developing and achieving common goals, an opportunity for the personal development of both partners, the knowledge of compromise and dialogue. If the partners’ goals are met, if mutual assistance and support will be implemented, then the business will grow. For me, the family is a company, the development of which requires the wishes and strength of its creators. After all, the purpose of this business is prosperity and development)
  • Thank you Katiya, thank you for sharing your vision with us. We wish you good luck in your new knowledge!

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